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Flashy Charmander
Last Activity:
Feb 17, 2012
Feb 11, 2012
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Flashy Charmander

Flashy Charmander was last seen:
Feb 17, 2012
    1. Flashy Charmander
      Flashy Charmander
      ahaha >.< that's a massive typo but yer i'll let my friend know so cheers
      anyway (i don't compete competitively yet) but would you happen to be interested in a flawless shiny cyndaquil, zangoose, munchlax or charmander? on Gen IV. if not then it's all good
      Also thanks for the explanation! you've cleared up so much for me ;)
    2. Biosci
      I'm responding to this the best way I can interpret that last message:
      What is VMC? It's VGC and I giveaway Pokemon to people who need them for irl competitions.

      I can trade on Gen 4.

      Credits go, I give you <Insert Pokemon name here> and since you don't have anything I want now I can look later and you give me something if it interests me then.
    3. Flashy Charmander
      Flashy Charmander
      swweeet! can we trade the UT versions now please? or is it not a good time. if so when do you prefer to trade?
    4. TheMantyke
      Hi, thanks for posting in my thread! Yes, all the Pokemon you requested come in an untrained version as well. You can do all the EV training yourself if you wish. When would you like to pick up your Pokemon?
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