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Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2013
Feb 8, 2012
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Floating was last seen:
Jul 13, 2013
    1. Matezoide
      Hey, man...i really need the slot, but i sincerely dont want to DQ you or your brother. I am afraid i will have to do it if this continues though...i am sorry.
    2. Aweshucks
      Ok, thanks man. Didn't see the sig
    3. Aweshucks
      you're a day over dq in me vs foxtrot, man
    4. yoshinite
      Hey can you finish up mine and Doomy' match? It'll probably be the last round.^.^
    5. Canis Majoris
      Canis Majoris
      Not to be a bother, but don't forget we have a battle running!
    6. Houndoomsday

      im feeling a bit burnt out on asb, but if you wanna do that id be happy to :D
    7. Houndoomsday
      shit, am I forgetting to do something?
    8. Void Guy
      Void Guy
      I know it hasn't been like 5 days or so already, but one action shouldn't be hard to ref.
    9. Matezoide
      Emily is not under the effects of Foresight anymore. Sorry for that.
    10. lionrt60
      Thread's Up
    11. lionrt60
      Assuming you haven't already got a ref I'll be reffing you and complications. pm me your mons.
    12. Void Guy
    13. akela
      No, Geodude6 never sent me mons. However, I did send out pms.
    14. Aweshucks
      cube, just a friendly reminder that you need to ref
    15. Floating
      It's a weekend so I'm busy as always. Bear with me please and thanks.
    16. Houndoomsday
      You must be horrified to have your posts/day drop because of the DDoS :P
    17. PK Flash
      PK Flash
      I reordered. Sorry about that
    18. Frosty
      While I appreciate the intention, I don't think that is possible. Counters are something heavily codified and you can't just give a counter you have to someone else that didn't work for it.

      Thanks anyway.
    19. Unitas
      Thank you for standing up to kingmitus! How ignorant and selfish of him to think ASB revolves around him
    20. yoshinite
      Ok sorry I was a little angry about other things so I might've been a little harsh thanks though :D
    21. kingmidas
      I am getting a subref for the match between Aweshucks and I this is not good for a guy to come back and have to deal with a DQing ref and quoting Yoshinite "I'm sorry, but 'I have a lot to ref' is not an excuse" (Yoshinite, pg5)
    22. yoshinite
      Cube, its been two days and the DQ is one. I'm sorry, but "I have a lot to ref" is not an excuse. I don't mean to be rude but next time you should take an amount you feel comfortable with without overwork. Please ref.
    23. Floating
      Gone for the day. If I'm on the verge of DQ and need to order/ref, let me know via PM/VM and I will try and make it. Otherwise please be patient and I'll get everything done tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding (hopefully >_>)!
    24. Floating
      If you're looking for me to ref your battle, I'm a bit busy this afternoon and I'll get it done later tonight. Sorry for taking longer than I usually do!
    25. kingmidas
      Just a heads up, we need the calcs in the match with Aweshucks and I.
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