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Apr 12, 2009
Trophy Points:
    1. Iconic
      yeah pretty much same, just started school this week. it's starting slow but it's is picking up quite fast. still i'm loving it, 2nd year is sick
    2. Iconic
      my man franky how's life?
    3. Nas
      thanks bro
    4. Eos
      damn straight my nigga haha!
    5. Eos
      its ironic you bring up avatars, as i was going to compliment you on your cool vanessa hudgens one, but then took it back haha.

      anyways, you know chia!? i was so surprised when i read your message man haha. do you watch tim then? orrr do like all canadians know each other?
    6. Eos
      hey man, thought id stop in and show some mad love for my man franky.

      how you been? have a nice summer? hope youve been doing well my brotha ╱╲ ________ ╱╲
    7. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Problem: Lack of Bloo messages
      Solution: Scarf Latias
    8. CHENN
      hey, feel like playing right now?
    9. CHENN
      whats up we're opponents for the uber open!
      i'm on irc a lot, this should be fast since i see you on the forums a lot
    10. Aurora
      where's bloo's obligatory message
    11. Danilo
      channel orange was a mad good
    12. Thund91
      Wanna teach me the ways of new UU???
    13. Folgorio
      LOL and check out bulbasaur+cyndaquil hahha
    14. Ciele
      I thought that Krack was your inspiration?
    15. Living Things
      Living Things
      I go to my bed in few minutes it's 3:36 am for me.
    16. joeygr
      Battle frontier challenge. Let me know when is good so we can work something out. Im running on eastern standard time.
    17. Arkaious
      Ive got time for today at 5pm Eastern time
    18. -Meowth-
      legend? o.o Anyways been good! can you get on #pokemon? Im like bunneh on that.
    19. Living Things
      Living Things
      When do you want play for ru open? My GMT is +2 and i'm usually evening available.
    20. -Meowth-
    21. ala
      haha yea classic
    22. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      ugh this wall is so lame
    23. Bloo
      Welcome dear client! What name do you go by? Ah, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, what a lovely name! Rolls right off the tongue. Please hang your coat on the rack on this gloomy rainy evening and take a seat on one of our couches made from super-fine polyester fibers diligently woven together by the world-renowned inventor of the Cotton Gin: Eli Whitney. This is the cozy, snugly-warm and heart-felt welcoming you will receive from Cleopatra once you step your athletes foot ridden feet into franky's famous Hypnosis Center.

      Now, I know why you are here, poor chap. You're stressed, bummed out, and overwhelmed by the roller coaster rides life is taking you on. Since it's human nature to seek out Dr. franky's help when you're feeling down in the dumps, you've decided to pay a visit to his Hypnosis Center to get some treatment - good decision, you won't regret it. By the end of this treatment, I assure you'll feel fresher than the holy water located in the Fountain of Youth. If you don't, it's your own fault, not this Harvard, Princeton, and Yale graduates'.

      Enough dilly-dallying; let's begin this treatment, shall we? Lay back, take a deep breath, and stare into the following image please:


      Feeling better now? Thought so. You are free to leave now. Don't worry about paying for the treatment, it's on me little man.

      Jesus Christ, isn't franky such a generous and magnanimous care-giver? He doesn't even charge his clients a nickel for receiving his one-of-a-kind medical attention. Seeing as franky is currently occupied tending to the medical needs of the 1076 other currently active users on Smogon, I will explain the secret behind the treatment he provided Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha with.

      The magic lies within the blue man situated in the center of the hypnotic spiral pictured above. Having trouble spotting it? I know you have ADHD, but try your very hardest to focus your attention towards the middle of the spiral for a few seconds and the blue man should appear. The blue man is an ultra sound image of franky while he was still developing inside of his mother's womb, who's fresh environment would make even Mr. Clean envious. As you can see upon careful observation, the blue man is whistling while music notes are vibrating away from his developing mouth. The words he's whistling are "Relax, take it easy; no need to worry, just take a breather". Scientific studies and analyses have shown that upon viewing the above hypnotic spiral for a few minutes, people begin to see those aforementioned words manifest themselves into real music notes finer than those coming out of Louis Armstrong's jazz trumpet, make their way into their ears, and subsequently enter their parasympathetic nervous system to produce a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. This, in turn, makes one feel like a new man without troubles - as if they experienced birth all over again.

      Just a mere week after the treatment, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, who Dr. franky simply refers to as "No Name" because he can't be bothered to twist and tangle his tongue pronouncing such an in-heavenly name rivaling the likes of George Mark Paul Stroumboulopoulos, visited Dr. franky's office to thank him for rejuvenating his life. According to "No Name", his performance in daily activities have skyrocketed to levels farther than Pluto because he is now enchanted with some of Dr. franky's "don't give a fuck" aroma, as depicted below:


      Reading - Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha, who was known to be a student who frequently went nuts over reading assignments, no longer goes locopoke over them. With his recent dose of "don't give a fuck" juice, he now just goes on Spark Notes to get quick summaries of overly verbose novels. What an improvement.

      Driving - Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha also worried about never being able to learn how to operate and drive a vehicle. After Dr. franky's treatment, this became a thing of the past. He is now filled with some of the air franky blows into Birthday party balloons, allowing him to float to wherever the wind takes him without a care in the world. After all, why waste time with road rages? Even a captcha from www.tinypic.com understands this concept. Funnily enough, I received a Geico car insurance captcha while uploading the previous image, but unfortunately forgot to screen capture it because I, too, am under the hypnotic spell of franky's "forget about everything and chillax" treatment.

      Watching Movies - Poor Nakoa used to waste so much money just to go to the movies with his friends to watch one film a month. With his newly found aloofness, he now simply makes his way onto Netflix, sits back in the same couch Dr. franky treated him on and generously donated to him, and watches any movie he pleases in heavenly peace.

      Mowing The Lawn - He simply doesn't bother doing this anymore. Cows from dairy farms sniffed the more-delicious-than-dairy-milk aloof scent from Dr. franky's client and decided to make trips to his home to graze on his grass every time it's in need of a cut.

      Now you know why franky is dubbed "Mr. Nonchalant" you expired tootsie rolls.
    24. Folgorio

      my vm>bloos
    25. Bloo

      Even though the non-Kodak-camera-like photoreceptor nerve cells of your retina are receiving light rays from the above picture and converting it into electrical impulses while sending them through your optic nerve and into your brain to allow you to feast your surgery-needing eyes on said picture, I am willing to wager all of the money locked away in franky's personal National Bank in order to prove that you under-cooked Teriyaki Chickens don't fully grasp the meaning of the picture illustrated above.

      You are witnessing the female version of franky: the teenage swimming sensation and Olympic Gold medalist Missy Franklin, derived from this papi chulo's glorious name. Never before in the history of Earth has someone been able to utilize their own spermatozoa to use the Pokemon move "Transform" in order to change their gender as the ultimate disguise to compete in the Olympics without revealing their true identity and putting their mysterious face and persona at risk (please don't get me started on this God's perfect risk and reward management in real life and in Pokemon).

      Even under his female form, people are unable to hold back their feelings for franky, seeing as the female form of his name is mentioned every 10 minutes during the Olympic Games and on news blogs across the world wide web. Even Michael Phelps, a man considered to be the greatest swimmer of all time, admitted that franky's alternate form of Missy Franklin was the second coming of himself. Un-fucking-believable. It simply does not matter what form franky takes, whether it be a jungle cat, Tasmanian devil, or a human female, you will fall head over heels with him - no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Hell, even Justin Beiber of all people couldn't resist showing his appreciation for this galactic star, and that's saying something considering Beiber is known to dislike females. Nuh-uh, there's no disliking the female race when a female franky pops up bitches.

      Of course there are other reasons as to why judges, crowd cheerers at the London Games, and Television Viewers are jumping out of their seats with tears coming out of their robotic eyes every time franky's female form of Missy Franklin elegantly jumps into the pool and effortlessly wins against several other competitors in a freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke race. The astonishing muscles that allow female franky to move in the water, them being the trapeziums, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi in the upper back, the triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles in the arms, the deltoids in the shoulders, and finally, the pectorals in the chest, are some of the most most well-built in the world. If you aren't familiar with any of these muscles - don't worry, you'll never have them in the condition female franky does anyway.

      All of those muscles in female franky's Kate Upton-like body allow her to cause tidal waves the size of Tsunamis when she swims, while the electrical impulses from her nerves emit out from her body and erupt Zeus's—the ruler of the Olympic Mountain—thunder and lighting bolts and storms across the pool, scaring away any and all competitors. Even the ruler of the Olympic Mountain makes sure he has front row seats just to see this jet-boat dust the competition, how oh so fitting. The aforementioned thunder and lightning storms caused by female franky's swimming puts on a show more entertaining than the fireworks seen at any Fourth of July celebration, making it a no-brainier that people give this mermaid a standing ovation every time the scoreboard shows who came in first place.

      If you play Pokemon and have never watched the Olympic games swimming events and are of the belief that Keldeo's Surf is awe-inducing, just grab your remote, turn on a channel, and wait until you see this swimmer hit the pool. You'll know the meaning of "Surf's up" once you do.
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