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Apr 12, 2009
Trophy Points:
    1. Folgorio
      ahh dude plz get on irc i wanna speak with u
    2. Bloo
      "Pet"? What the fuck?

      franky is not a dog or an animal, therefore "petting" him is a sign of disrespect. Instead, you should be saying "/bow down to franky," or even better, "/me kisses franky's precious, athletically gifted feet."

      See the dog in this guys avatar? It follows him around and chases baboons like little gk that disrespect this guy. If you want to "pet" anyone, let it be the dog shown in franky's avatar, not franky himself dim wads.

      Lastly, little gk, how dare you refer to franky as "j franky." the "j" is no longer part of franky, and this man does not want to be associated with past inferior names. He already had to deal with a hating ass admin changing his name from "f" back to "franky" when he took a gracious leave from Smogon a while ago, and doesn't need more people messing with his name which contains simple syllables and rolls off the top of the tongue: "franky."

      Ah, feel the fresh and pure aura vibrating from this mans profile.
    3. little gk
      little gk
      /me pet j franky
    4. Stone_Cold
    5. Bloo
      It's no wonder Krack won the Fan Favorite tournament - everyone can't get enough of this damn guy. Hella haters were rooting against him, but he didn't give a fuck and won anyways. His win confirmation post contained yet ANOTHER emotional face, this time an "=/" to make his defeated opponent feel better. Through these signs of emotion, krack has yet again showed his hating ass monkey-looking ass niggas that he is a caring and kind-hearted individual. Even hated users like rey can't resist acknowledging Krack's prolific accomplishments, as seen here.

      I aspire to be like this wonderful guy. I am not the only one, though, because as you can see here above your name, a new fan has appeared, expressing their affection for him with the alias "I Love Krack."
    6. Bloo
      Peep this.

      This guy Krack decided to praise a warstory, and even went as far to add an emotion to express his content. The second everyone saw Krack use an ":)," AND an exclamation point all in one post, a bunch of others followed his lead and started to praise the warstory as well. The only reason that warstory is in the Warstory Archive is to honor Krack's post - posts like his have to be archived for the world to see. Tons of people think Krack is an emotionless thug, but yet again, he exceeded everyone's expectations and baffled everyone with his dynamic personality by using a smiley face. A smiley face from Krack is enough to cure all that's wrong in the world.

      His post was #69 too, fitting, seeing as Krack is the official sexual symbol for Canada. This man just gets more impressive every day. I bet there are tons of other mysteries about him just waiting to be uncovered.
    7. coolie
      one hood ass nigga
    8. Bloo
      This guys wall was closed to prevent his groupie-ass, annoying-ass fans from flooding his wall with their lame-ass lovey dovey hogwash sentences and affectionate and emotional :heart: images. Now, he has re-opened his wall to let the fans have yet another taste of how it feels to post on this guys "magical" profile. The feeling of this guys free and re-opened wall just makes people wanna kiss his page and stick out their lips just like the guy in the following image: :doom:

      145 friends on this guys friends list? That's not even an accurate estimation of all of the niggas this guy has befriended during his time on Smogon. I almost assuredly guarantee you that there are thousands of other users dying to friend request this modern day renaissance man, but are hesitant to do so because they do not want to bother this busy "I don't give a fuck" superstar. Instead, they decide to bask in this guys glory from afar.

      God bless this champion's profile.
    9. Bloo
      A few simple days of inactivity and his fans are already flocking to his wall wondering where this guy has been?

      Absolutely amazing. One day without franky is the equivalent of a month without food. It's essential to survival, and once you get deprived of it, you start to crave it more.

      EDIT: I am in awe. Seven seconds before this post another fan said something right below me. God damn, your profile is like the #1 public attraction on Smogon.
    10. Blightbringer
      dang dude its been a while i really miss you
    11. Folgorio
      where u at MAN
    12. Atticus
      lol are you alive f
    13. Bloo
      It's always Valentines day for this magnificent human being. As soon as this motherfucker wakes up in the morning each and every day, he has twenty five broads lined up at his front door requesting dates and whatnot from this Canadian lady bee hive.

      You define incredible. You define the meaning of Valentine's day. At this rate, Valentine's day should simply be renamed 'franky.'
    14. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Haha hell yes.
    15. Solace
      i'll be back soon :)
    16. Bloo
      That silver shine is blinding all of these fans, god damn; they can't take it; they've never seen anything like it until they viewed this mothefucker's profile. Bling bling bling bling.
    17. Delko
      Thanks franky, I'll try to be a good successor to you ;)
    18. Aerrow
      so much silver :(
    19. IronBullet93
      why you alumnus mod man?
    20. Folgorio
      we should talk 1 day
    21. BIG loven
      BIG loven
      ok ill let you know
    22. SOMALIA
      Safe fam!
    23. Folgorio
      help get on 4 a sec xD
    24. Folgorio
      nig she deleted her facebook W T F
    25. Bloo
      Perusing the forums, checking up on his domains early in the morning while eating a breakfast designed for a king? Leave it to this guy right fucking here to do that while maintaining that DGF look shown in his fly ass avatar.

      BTW I peeped that thread you were just viewing: this ; they recognize the true creator behind legendary teams when they see them - only this franky guy can create such a masterpiece and popularize a strategy that has become dominant across the BW OU metagame. People just can't help but to bite off this man's fresh, innovative, and creative ideas.
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