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Apr 12, 2009
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aka pimpdaddyfranky, aka frankydelaghetto, aka F, aka ef

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    1. Atticus
      as your manager i command you to return for the world cup
    2. 6A9 Ace Matador
      6A9 Ace Matador
      disregard iconic:
      play for LA, we got dat scooter swag
    3. Iconic
      i hope you read this and come back for wcop cuz we really need you!!!
    4. Bluewind
      You can come back now!
    5. Blue_Star
      where are you friend
    6. Iconic
      please return my love :(
    7. M Dragon
      M Dragon
      bs franky come back!
    8. Aerrow
      smogon just aint the same without you bro
    9. Eos
      smogon is so different without you
      please come back lover
    10. Joeyboy
      No one is going to take my dragons!
    11. Aldaron
    12. Iconic
      Holy mother fucking shit on a stick. On top of his copious amounts of swag, lady-killing capacities, and overall pleasant demeanour, franky de la ghetto shows us once again why his is king of kings, sporting an avatar of the beautiful Daenerys and one of her omnipotent dragons. Not only does this illustrate franky's impeccable taste in television programming, but it can also be seen as a metaphor for franky's overall dominance on both Smogon and in this cruel universe. Franky, like a dragon, started off small and vulnerable, but with a little bit of time and nurturing, he grew into a nigh unstoppable fire-breathing menace, devouring all that stand in his way. Everyone, whether they be of House Smogon or House Stark, best stay out of this beast's way of risk facing his unapologetic wrath.
    13. Bloo
      My face? Only a few lucky users have seen it, including this exclusive dream boat known as franky.

      franky's face? The definition of mysterious: unknown to all. Though, that's OK. It's a good decision and a good precautionary measure, as releasing this guys face would cause everyone to instantaneously fall in love with this celebrity. It's the equivalent of the havoc releasing Shadow Tag Chandelure from Dream World into OU would cause.
    14. Bloo
      Everything about this guy is straight up delicious. Even his vomit is the desired and preferred nutritional meal of the day, as indicated by IronBullet's response to this guy's VM. God damn so crunchy and tasty, mmm.
    15. IronBullet
      /me eats it
    16. Jebus McAzn
      Jebus McAzn
      thanks! i haven't had much time to go on the site recently because of finals and AP testing and a solo recital and senior year and all but I still manage to take care of reports, etc.
    17. SOMALIA
      The Thugness of FRANKY is unparallel
    18. Aerrow
      whats up boss
    19. Matty85
      I can play today. Send me a PM :)
    20. 6A9 Ace Matador
      6A9 Ace Matador
      nah not even, ircs got baaaaaare thugs
    21. Folgorio




    22. 6A9 Ace Matador
      6A9 Ace Matador
      wasteman, why you not on irc
    23. Matty85
      In the week-end i will be in Milan for the national championships. Next week i can battle every day, let me know when you have some time
    24. Folgorio
      ahh dude plz get on irc i wanna speak with u
    25. Bloo
      "Pet"? What the fuck?

      franky is not a dog or an animal, therefore "petting" him is a sign of disrespect. Instead, you should be saying "/bow down to franky," or even better, "/me kisses franky's precious, athletically gifted feet."

      See the dog in this guys avatar? It follows him around and chases baboons like little gk that disrespect this guy. If you want to "pet" anyone, let it be the dog shown in franky's avatar, not franky himself dim wads.

      Lastly, little gk, how dare you refer to franky as "j franky." the "j" is no longer part of franky, and this man does not want to be associated with past inferior names. He already had to deal with a hating ass admin changing his name from "f" back to "franky" when he took a gracious leave from Smogon a while ago, and doesn't need more people messing with his name which contains simple syllables and rolls off the top of the tongue: "franky."

      Ah, feel the fresh and pure aura vibrating from this mans profile.
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