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freshest of them all
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Sep 4, 2011
Jul 29, 2008
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freshest of them all

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Sep 4, 2011
    1. Shawk
      No, I have, lol. I've just done the c-gear version though which is like 4th gen where you have to hit a delay. When you do non c-gear you don't have to hit a delay, you just have to get it down to the second. I'm still not sure exactly how it works.
    2. Shawk
      Yeah, it really does look pretty easy, especially now that you can just hit the second rather than the delay. I'm going to give it a try soon.
    3. Shawk
      Just c-gear for catches which I guess is the "hard version." I haven't tried breeding, shinies, or non c-gear yet. I've been taking a break from pokemon. Again, lol. What about you, do you think you'll try 5th gen RNG or are you done?
    4. Shawk
      lol I know, I saw...
    5. Shawk
      Lmao good times. Looks like he has his trade thread back up here too. I miss jules too. He was so easy to troll, lol.
    6. Shawk
      Nice. I'm into biology too, don't know if that's what I want to do yet though. oh, you haven't even opened it yet? You're going to need some practice before you can even stand a chance against me then. :)
    7. Shawk
      sweet. do you know what you want to major in yet? oh, we have to brawl when i get my wifi fixed then, lol.
    8. Shawk
      nice. what school are you going to again? i know what you mean, pokemon gets boring after a while. i always end up coming back though. i'm doing pretty good, pretty much the same as you. busy with school and life. you got a wii yet?
    9. Shawk
      lol yeah, love this avi. what's up man? haven't talked to you for a while.
    10. Shinyshuckle
      No problem, hope it helped :D
    11. Shinyshuckle
      Enjoy, good luck on whatever you needed it for
    12. Shinyshuckle
      Aw thanks :)
      Use this one please 1161 8566 6790
    13. Shinyshuckle
      Nothing really :P
      Its a synch, so its no big deal
    14. Shinyshuckle
      Need an Adamant Synch?
    15. Metallica
    16. Metallica
      So,can't you just find out my one, if I'll send you one of my Pokes?
    17. Metallica
      I'm looking for someone who can give me a SID..
    18. Metallica
      I can give you an Adamant Synchro Abra^^
    19. Shawk
      Saw your post in dmp, nice. :P Did you get it from Fan Club or E4?
    20. Shawk
      Hmm, and you're still missing your frame? That's weird...
    21. Shawk
      Damn, that really sucks... Dx Are you still doing it from the fan club?
    22. Shawk
      Got my Latias. :P I went to what I thought was 303 (3 from roamers + 100 radio tunes, bottom left), and was on frame 324. So I had made a save state, loaded it back up, did 22 radio tunes in the bottom right corner to advance my frame by one each, and hit my frame.

      Yeah, did it from E4.
    23. Joel
      Yes. I don't mind if the year is something unrealistic. Here's the info I have.

      Parent A: Flawless
      Parent B: 31/30/5/1/31/12
      Target IVs: 31/2/31/30/30/31 (HP Ground 70) The Atk stat can be higher as long as it's still HP Ground 70.
      Start Frame: 5 (or higher, as long as it's an odd numbereded frame)
      Delay: 596
    24. Joel
      The short version would be a Calm, HP Ground 70 Ralts.

      The long version would be that when I asked Shawk to find my seed for me, I asked him to do it with a delay of 596, and an even start frame. I wasn't starting with a date far enough in the future to make my journal pop up before the game play, so I re-adjusted my date so it would.

      When I hit my correct frame and delay correctly (five times in a row on that seed), I was having an odd numbered start frame, and the lowest odd numbered frame there is to hit my target IV spread is 33,097. The frame I am suppossed to be hitting though is 82, which I can't do with an odd start frame.
    25. Joel
      Can I talk you into a favor, please? I need someone to find my seed hex on the Time Finder, since mine doesn't work for whatever reason.

      Shawk did it for me earlier, but then I adjusted my year so I could adjust my delay, and then I started hitting an odd numbered frame, so now to hit my target IVs, I have to have a starting frame of just over 30,000, and I don't think I'm quite that patient to d that many journal flips.
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