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Mar 12, 2011
Jan 9, 2011
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FrozenScream was last seen:
Mar 12, 2011
    1. labarith
      I'm glad you can clone now.

      Let me know if you need anything else. :P
    2. labarith
      I unplugged and plugged back in my router, and I've been trading all night - so I don't think it's on my end. Let's try again (and leave your chat on - sometimes that seems to help) - and if we can't get it this time, we'll try a different day. Sorry.
    3. labarith
      I keep getting Communication errors - maybe leave and re-enter?
    4. labarith
      I'm online now
    5. labarith
      Got the power items - sorry. :P

      I'll do it for a credit to be used later. ;P
    6. labarith
      I'll do it for 1 credit or your first born... whichever. :P
    7. labarith
      I'll clone it for you. How many clones?

      What are it's IVs/Evs?

      And what FC?
    8. labarith
      It's not free. Cloning on G5 is a pain in the @$$

      Right now I'd probably like 2 credits for each 5 clones I do (rather than 1 credit for G4)... BUT if you're asking me to clone something I don't have and want, I'll probably do it for free.

      Do you need some G5 cloning? :P
    9. labarith
      Turn on your Voice chat. Sometimes that makes connecting easier.
    10. labarith
      I'm online. I see you, but I can't connect to you.
    11. labarith
      I'm online now. I don't see you.
    12. labarith
      Sorry, I didn't realize you were waiting. I'll be on in as soon as I finish the cloning... in like a minute. The Jumpluff would be fine.
    13. labarith
      Those look promising.
      Let me know the OT of the Jumpluff and Altaria please.
    14. labarith
      Sorry - I'll pass on trading for it if its 255HP. (If only it wasn't lv 100...).

      But I will give you what you want on credit if you want.
    15. labarith
      PS - your bayonette seems to be missing 4 EVs... did you accidentally 255 HP it? :(
    16. labarith
      Sounds good. VM me when you're free to trade. :P

      Can you clone it yourself, or will you need a clone back?
    17. labarith
      Re: banette
      1. What are it's EVs?
      2. Did you RNG it yourself? If not have you legit-checked it?
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