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Oct 16, 2013
Jun 23, 2011
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December 5
Currently fighting dragons.
    1. v
      it's not what it sounds like, that's actually what it is
    2. Dhjona
      Ofcourse it will! This still is an english forum. ;) But you do can read and understand dutch? And where do you live then?

      En hoe oud ben je?
    3. Dhjona
      Well i'm dutch. And that's just my fic in dutch. That's all. So, i've written that fic, but there were not much reactions, so I thought let's post it here and see if they like it.

      Are you dutch too then?
    4. Feathers
      finished up shiftry in the art thread. i dun did my best. :U
    5. Limi
      Sup MW. Your name is fine as is, IMO.
    6. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Better than Writer's block in college......

      *sigh* and I love writing too :(
    7. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Never failed either, though I did get a "D" on my progress report once.......

      I pulled that up to an "A" just in time for the Report Cards :)
    8. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Trust a guy with exp.

      Homework > Art. Failure is not an option.

      Don't fail on my behalf, ok?
    9. macle
      you can take it
    10. macle
    11. macle
      arts on site
    12. Danmire
      Alright, so, saw your comment! Well, I don't know how to put textures on Photoshop, as I use SAI. But, if you go to Nastyjungle's art thread and skim around it, you can find many tutorials she has made and most of them include how to put texture inside Photoshop. Or, I can teach you how to put them in SAI.
    13. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      However you need :)

      Take your time and do what feels most right.
    14. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Sure. You are the artist.

      Any specific Gladiator style you going to place Nidoking in?
    15. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Thanks :)

      Just know that I am not trying to overrun you with these.
    16. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      If you are able to make a King Serperior in his royal court of Snivy and Servine, I would greatly appreciate it :)

      If that turns out to be too difficult and complicated, just the King Serperior :)

      Of course, if you would like something different, then perhaps a Roman Gladiator based Nidoking?
    17. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Your Myan Serperior is A-MAZ-ING!!!!

      I love Serperior in any form of epicness!!
    18. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      hey man, creepers happen
      dont let it bother you too much
      if you need a place to chill, my house is past the pine forest
      and across the water a little ways on an island
      look for the mushroom
    19. ala
    20. Furosuto
      I guess what I meant to say is that flying would be fun. :) I mean, who wouldn't want to fly? And on the minecraft server, it would be nice to see the whole village. I guess the building houses thing was kinda silly, but people didn't have to get to worked up about it.
    21. Wolfhound237
      I mean....what kind of messed up comment is , can we fly to make building houses easier....that is a pretty silly thing to say
    22. Furosuto
      i cant. doing homework.
    23. Shiny Mew2
      Shiny Mew2
      Hey go on

    24. Furosuto
      I'm tired and bored that's why. It's late where I am.
    25. iDunno
      Are you not going to respond because you think I'm right, but just don't want to dignify me with your response?
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    December 5
    Currently fighting dragons.
    Favorite Pokémon:
    long list
    My Characteristic:
    Capable of taking hits
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