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    1. jumpluff
      'I mean who goes around throwing homophobic slurs around.' lol all of smogon. real talk thank you for that post :)
    2. Toast++
      So your connection was the problem?
      And of course we are!
    3. Toast++
      Hi. Fyi, I still exist! In fact, I actually (kinda) do things here.

      I didn't post for a while, but I never really left the IRC community. Nice to know that people miss me when I'm gone though. =P
    4. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      haha, okay. i really love infinite jest so far,
      i've been reading since sept. and i'm only halfway through it's so huge.
      i'll definitely pick up hideous men next
    5. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      yo man just saw your signature in the skateboard thread
      im reading through infinite jest right now and i have this is water
      im really liking david foster wallace a lot, what else of his have you read?
    6. gookie
      i really think you get a lot more shit than you deserve. hang tight dude
    7. ala
      ya man
    8. ala
      Well its the internet, assume everyone is lying until proven otherwise, unless you are close with them or w/e. Anyways, try not to take a forum so seriously, I am not a model poster by any means but yeah it's all good dude, at least your thread is alive and doing well in the way it is structured now.
    9. ala
      rofl you thought badass was a gay man talking about the 80s, dude come on

      and the thread got the tag removed, because it is not a serious topic clearly, judging from how many joke posts there are

      i know what you mean by elitist users, and i am not one of them. in fact, much like you i despised the elitist group and formed my own group of friends, but yeah smogon has mostly dissolved from that mentality today. and don't get so defensive dude, i never said you were stupid, i just couldn't believe you could take a post like that as legit. doesn't make you unintelligent, just a little gullible.
    10. ala
      man get that stick out of your ass, i was just kidding around. now that the thread doesn't have a serious tag to it, it's been going fine, so i don't understand why you're complaining? i am not sure who you are referring to as the smogon elitist users, but i can assure you i am in no way elitist lol. if i called you out on irc then it was just stuff like "i cant believe this gabe guy believed badass' post which was obviously a troll". try not to get so worked up man
    11. TheValkyries
      For future reference, a person who can't tell the difference between French and Spanish, and calls the latter "Mexican" is either making a joke, or a brand of idiot that should be admired.

      Also worth noting, that trying to correct that level of idiocy shows an almost naive hopefulness. If people are that committed to being stupid, you aren't going to convince them to stop.
    12. Byrne
      I love you.
    13. Mackenzie
      lol, kay thanks. :)
    14. Mackenzie
      hi gabe can i follow you on tumblr? :D
    15. Diabolico
      If you see any pokemon that you want, please tell me.

      Cause I'm really not in a good mood for smogon right now.
    16. lmitchell0012
      Hmm...I'll go grab my stash...LOL. Anyways, thanks for hooking me up! I'll take a look at your thread and I'll let you know what I'm interested in later on tonight.

      Nevermind, I just noticed you don't have a thread.
    17. coolbiz
      lol gotcha bro
    18. Cassie
    19. bharmalm
      Still hanging on I guess?
      Life is great for me atm
    20. bharmalm
    21. Diabolico
      Check and see if you find anything on my thread that you want to get with your 6 credit points.
    22. Chinchar
      Hy, did you take the eevee evolution on poké
    23. bharmalm
      Howss life for you man?
    24. bharmalm
    25. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      HA! YOU BACK? x]?
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