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Jun 13, 2013
Apr 6, 2011
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    1. Ruppy
      Same to you man, and I'll see you then.
    2. Ruppy
      It's alright. I'm glad you did respond, because I personally don't like activity wins. 3 PM works for me. Just keep in mind that we have to do a best-of-3 for this. I'll see you then on the Smogon server (unless you wanna do this on a different server). Also, let me know if your team (or any one of your teams if you're switching between battles) has Deoxys-S on it, because he's still allowed for at least this round even though he's banned from OU. That way we can adjust accordingly when we pick tiers to meet in. One of my teams does have Deoxys-S on it, so there's that little heads-up.
    3. Ruppy
      I'm VMing you again because you never responded to my last one. We need to play this week for ST8. My schedule is the same as listed in my last VM, and deadline is this Sunday. Please respond if you see this VM before then so we can get our battles set up.
    4. Ruppy
      Hey man, we're first round opponents for the ST8 tour. Even though the deadline isn't until December 11th and we're not supposed to battle until this round's predictions have closed, we still need to get in contact to schedule a potential battling time. I'm GMT -5 and my daily schedule looks like this for the duration of the first round: I'm free all day on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; I'm available Monday and Wednesday after 4 PM, and I'm available Thursday after 2 PM. Looking forward to hearing back from you mate, and best of luck to you!
    5. Arcana
      Well hi. =|
    6. theamericandream38
      Hi, I am your opponent for the first round of the VGC tournament. What time would you be available to battle? I live in the Central Time Zone (GMT -6), and have class until 2 PM in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and am free after noon on Mondays, and Wednesdays. I have open time between noon and 2 PM on Friday and then am free again on Friday after 3:15 PM. I am available whenever on weekends, although I am playing in Magic: The Gathering tournaments on the 23rd and possibly the 30th and/or May 1st. I will also be travelling on friday evening and sunday afternoon this weekend and will not be able to battle then.
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