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  • That process says DS & DS Lite. It should be the same as the process for DSi, except for the wider parameters.

    Happy New Year!!!
    Did you buy your DS in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico). I can't explain it any better than the guide does. You're gonna have to try to do it first, instead of asking me to explain it to you.
    yes, they're different from game to game. I got them from the link I provided you. Check the "5th Generation RNG Help Thread". That's the easiest guide you'll find, it holds your hand through the process.

    EDIT: Calibration
    You have to figure that out for yourself. This is why you need to calibrate it.

    EDIT: Try these

    EN Black on US DSi: Nazo: 0x02760190 Timer0: 123C VCount: 8C VFrame: 8

    EN White on US DSi: Nazo: 0x027601B0 Timer0: 12BB VCount: 90 VFrame: 8
    You'll need your MAC Address, DS type, Game type and language. Also, you'll need to start your game one second before your target time.

    That's all I can really tell you since I've never done DSi RNG
    yes, that video is ok. Keep in mind, that video is calibrating with a DS Lite.
    The process is the same as on the DS/DS Lite, but you'll have different parameters. Look back at one of the links I gave you for how to do it.
    Not for the type of abuse you're doing. With Entralink abuse, you can turn it on before you get into the game world.
    You're using the IVs to determine the seed you hit. If they're flawless, you hit the right seed (including correct delay and seconds). You can hit both even and odd delays.
    no. the only way to tell exact IVs are to level them up to 100 or you buy an AR to check them
    You missed your delay by 33. Put 8907 into EonTimer and click "Update" and try again. That's about it.
    Open up "Seed to Time", paste your seed and press "Generate", then enter -999 and + 999 in change of delays, and enter -9 and + 9 for change in seconds. Press "Generate" again, and enter the IVs of what you captured to check what seed you hit, along with the delay and seconds. After that, you're done with calibration. It's up to you to keep trying after this point.
    Nothing is happening with Reporter. You probably entered something wrong.

    EDIT: Are you setting the Method to 5th Gen C-Gear?
    Target Time: 12:31:15
    Minutes before target(on EonTimer): 1

    Means: Set the time in your DS to 12:30:00 and press A the same time as you start your timer. When the first timer ends, press A to start the game from the DS menu (or load code screen if you have an AR). Then, make your way to the game world and select the ON button on the C-Gear, but don't actually turn it on until the second timer ends.
    The sets onsite assume that the IVs are as flawless as possible. Also, if you have an AR to check IVs with, this will be very helpful to have.
    These values will depend on the type of RNG you're performing. In your case, frame 1 is the correct frame as you're trying to abuse wild pokemon.

    EDIT: For breeding, it's frame 8. Also, Entralink start around frame 21 or so, but don't worry about it right now.
    You should download 9.93. Standard seed is much easier than C-Gear
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