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Apr 25, 2011
Apr 26, 2010
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Apr 25, 2011
    1. leahcim412
      download pokemon online?
    2. leahcim412
      Hey Chris its Mike. I just got a membership in the Smogon community!
    3. chrizekiel
      I think Im through with Pokemon till 2 months before VGC 2011. I lost Forth round! The guy used a hacked Metagross and an overly powerful Dialga. I took My Perfect Giratina in one shot. His metagross was fatster than my 0 Iv Quiet Abamasnow. Sadly I didnt figure it out during the battle.
    4. chrizekiel
      Hay wats u! Thanks for the add
    5. Feathers
      No problem, that's why I posted it. :)
    6. mattj
      That's the second time Blissey has walled that EXACT team. Seems ya gotta have half physical and half special if you want to do any damage in the 2010 VGC Metagame.
    7. mattj
      el oh el! I'm so glad you found me. How DID you find me here? Yeah, I name all my teams "MattJ1, MattJ2, etc". I wish there was some kind of messaging system on there where you could talk to people. I can't believe I didn't focus on Kyogre first, but it was definitely a great game and you had a great team. :)
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    HGFC: 3352 6308 5068

    I'm mostly a VGC player, but I play some OU too. Not going to seriously look into the metagames until I finish Black.


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    3352 6308 5068
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