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Garchomp for president
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Jun 29, 2016 at 12:44 PM
Apr 2, 2013
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A Cave Under a Cycling Road

Garchomp for president

Male, from A Cave Under a Cycling Road

.3. Dec 28, 2015

Garchomp for president was last seen:
Viewing member profile InfernapeTropius11, Jun 29, 2016 at 12:44 PM
    1. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Can we play in maybe 20 minutes?
    2. hathater
      You are Mexican, that is why, also your name is so Carlos.
    3. hathater
      I'm right!
    4. hathater
      I can bet you your name is Juan, Diego, gorge, or garcea
    5. hathater
    6. hathater
      Baked beans. That's gas.
    7. hathater
      Mexican gas? Ok.
    8. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      It doesn't work on my computer. =/ It used to.
    9. hathater
      I'm sorry, can't you take a joke?
    10. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
    11. hathater
      sssooooo... hows battle tower?
    12. hathater
    13. TyranitarTerror
      AA Tier Boss Notification:

      You are recieving this notification because you signed up for the AA Tier Boss Tournament and have not yet completed your battles. I will now inform you that you have three days to finish your battles or you will be disqualified. If you cannot report your status to the Tier Boss Tournament thread to avoid disqualification.
      We need to move on and this Round has gone on far too long.

    14. hathater
      No. Are you a stupid american?
    15. hathater
      I'm not religous.
    16. TyranitarTerror
      Tower Tournament Participant
      Round Two

      It is time to have your battle fought. We need to move on. Can you have your battle resolved sometime within the next couple of days? Or will you need an extension? Let me know as soon. Thanks
      Please report your postion to the Round Two thread

    17. Gekudon
      You like it?
    18. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      OK, just VM if you can play. I should be on and off my computer over the next 10 hours, so I'll check on smogon every hour or so.
    19. Metal Bagon
    20. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      This may be the last time we're both online so It'd be good to do it now.
    21. Metal Bagon
      Metal Bagon
      Do you want to play our match now?
    22. TyranitarTerror
      Round Two (Semi-Finals)

      Now that Round One is over we now are in Round Two! There is no change in the rules. You do not have to use the same team you used in Round One. There will be a week for you all to complete your matches. As with Round One, if there is any reason you cannot meet this deadline let me know.
      Report your battles here.

      Good luck and...
      Commence Round Two!
    23. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      UU is the tournament prescribed tier. That is the tier we shall therfore use. We shall use the official showdown server, as finding each other is easy and it is a centralised location. Choosing another server without specifying one is not only stupid and ignorant, but will make it harder, not easier, for us to find one another.
      5pm in what timezone? I will be gone in 1 hour and 30 minutes, if you are not ready by then, then you will have to wait an additional 6 hours before I can battle
    24. Lelouch6
      Sorry for the delay, you can have the win, I have to lock down for more AP test, good luck with the tourney
    25. TyranitarTerror
      Battle Tower Tournament Update:

      If you do not either signify your presence in the Tournament thread or complete your battle by the end of the week you will be disqualified from the Battle Tower (OU) Tournament.

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    "Nintendo hates you." -Miranda


    A Cave Under a Cycling Road
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