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Garchomp for president
Last Activity:
Aug 21, 2017 at 8:07 PM
Apr 2, 2013
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A Cave Under a Cycling Road

Garchomp for president

Male, from A Cave Under a Cycling Road

Tightening Focus Jun 15, 2017

Garchomp for president was last seen:
Aug 21, 2017 at 8:07 PM
    1. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      so it seems Im up against you for the OU battle - idk what my activity will be like, but check back with me on Wednesday
    2. Pikachuun
      I am open for the Tier Boss battle any time after Thursday at 4:40 PM (Final Exams and stuff). When are you going to be on Pokemon Showdown so I know when to get on?
    3. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      I'm going to narrate the battle I had with FlamingSpade. I'll be back in about 15-20 minutes.
    4. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Oh, wait, I thought you said PS, but you said PM. Sorry. Yeah, we can PM. I just cannot do PS. Sorry for that misunderstanding.
    5. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Oh, Pokemon Showdown doesn't work on my computer. It used to, but now it doesn't even load the page anymore. I wish it worked, but those days are GONE! I'm sorry about that.
    6. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Wait a second, I cannot battle right now. But I can still give you some suggestions.
    7. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      WELL... that's kind of a stretch. Sometimes I am, but other times... well, I can be really bad. It's not usually that there's anything wrong with my team, but... I usually over-predict. Sometimes, one over prediction leads to my miserable demise. So, I can be, but not always. I'm the very best at triple battles, but few people enjoy those. In triples, I can wreck! (Provided I'm using a finished, team [not one that I'm experimenting with.])
    8. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      No, regular Wi-Fi. There was only one instance of hax in the battle, and that was at the end, where it actually, I don't think, mattered. It would have just made the battle A LOT closer.
    9. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Oh no, he hasn't uploaded it. I don't even know if he will. It was OU. I'm uploading it though, but I don't know if he'll upload it. I had a team of all shinies; Gorebyss, Breloom, Drapion, Heatran, Azelf, and Ferrothorn.
    10. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Hi! I just battled against TheFlamingSpade this morning! I was pretty lucky to get to battle him, I'd say.
    11. epikkyogre78
    12. Farobi
      Cool avatar :o
    13. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Oh, i see now. I thought that it was a competitive strategy, somehow! XD
    14. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Also, I love that you have a Sturdy Body and live in Skyla's house...
    15. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      No... does that have a use? I don't think that nature matters AT all on Impostor dittos... does it?
    16. Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Bidoofs Crazy Videos
      Yeah, I saw that one! It was purdy neat!

      [IMG] [IMG]
    17. TyranitarTerror
      What do you mean Aluminum? Are you asking about the Alumni?
    18. TyranitarTerror
      Battle Tower Brain Selection Tournament

      It is time to start rebuilding this group. In fact, I will soon begin work on a project to add new members to this group, but I would like to establish the Brains before I do that. I would like to select the Brains from the distinguished Alumni of this group: all of you.
      Sign up for the Tower Tournament (OU) to become our premier Brain! There will be a cap at 8 people for this Tournament. So sign up now!

      Let's rebuild this group!
    19. TyranitarTerror
      Frontier Member,

      You are a member of the TRC Battle Frontier and have been active within the last 24 hours. You are getting this notification because there is a Roll Call now posted in the Frontier Forums. Please signify your presense in some way.
      Also, since it has been a long time since the Frontier has been active I have revamped the group and we will need to reselect Brains. There is an OU Tournament that you should sign up for. If you win, you will be given the title Tower Master and be the first Brain in the Frontier.
      Also, if you have not yet signed up in the sign-up thread do so immediately.

      Let's get this group going again!
    20. BattleStar
      That would be great. You can still do whatever else you were doing as well.
    21. DarkAbsol99
    22. DarkAbsol99
      Ohai there! Yeah I'd love to battle ya sometime, I'm mostly on my own active server so you can always find me there if I'm not on Oris: http://www.parukia.psim.us/
    23. epikkyogre78
      Well on Pokémon Black And White, You Know, in the wifi club. :D
    24. Garchomp for president
      Garchomp for president
    25. epikkyogre78
      Hey Garchomp for President how about a UU battle, using legal hacks, no unreleased DW :) Please?
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