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Jul 23, 2014 at 8:05 PM
May 29, 2011
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Oct 11, 1994 (Age: 19)
The University of Alabama


The little hand says it's time to rock and roll, Male, 19, from The University of Alabama

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It took two hundred years, gentlemen, but the benevolent bank has finally been robbed. Jul 20, 2014 at 10:14 PM

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Jul 23, 2014 at 8:05 PM
    1. alexwolf
      Azumarill needs your help mister ;D
    2. LilOuOn
      Hey FireCat! Thanks for the GP check. Btw, when you say this:

      "(AC) two problems for other entry hazard-setting leads"

      What does the (AC) mean?
    3. relaunched
      Yeah after I got owned by the diff app I started doing it manually.
    4. Governess
      No, it wasn't all over the place, I understand it all. Tbh I'm at a loss of how to respond to all of this. Sooooo.. Thank you, andi won't worry about it as much ^^;
    5. Governess
      I'm sorry to interrupt you with your current activity, but I'm at a loss. I've been trying to improve my grammar in writing, but nothing is working. When I do GP checks, it seems all well and good, but when I actually write an analysis, it results to so many errors I didn't even think were possible. How else can I improve my writing? I want to keep working with Smogon and analyses in the long run (as I enjoy it), but I don't want to be that much to deal with when the Copyediting stage comes around. :<
    6. tehy
      You know, you posted on the volcarona thread 1/2, might want to fix that (Unless you posted wrong in the GP queue?)
    7. trickroom
      :) Done also, tank ho-oh has more SpD than physical set lol.
    8. Governess
      Kk, just posted it. How does it look?
    9. Governess
      Just finished with it; gonna post after I make the comments. That took a while @-@
    10. Governess
      Oh right; it's this one.
    11. Governess
      Thank you! Sorry for asking you all of this, btw. ^^; Also, for this sentence "which arguably functions as the most reliable check to Abomasnow, as it can deter it and keep it out of a match." should the comma stay there? Or be removed?
    12. Governess
      Thank you! Also, "Heatran also has access to Stealth Rock, providing Abomasnow with a source of Entry hazard damage, making it harder to switch-in on and check." Is that the right switch-in, or no hyphen? It's referring to another Pokemon, but in the context of it, it's a verb as well, so I wasn't sure.
    13. Governess
      "potentially ruining a set-up or sweep" would this sentence have set-up as a noun than a verb? I 'm having difficulty seeing the difference in this one.
    14. jumpluff
      just random art :)

    15. Governess
      Thank you, and yeah, I have to remember to add the AC's in, I forget from time to time @-@ I'll apply to the team once I feel confident in my abilities to check over stuff; however long that may be.
    16. Level 51
      Level 51
      Thanks n_n !!
    17. Redew
      p.s. gato

      oglemi said that if it is an actual emdash and not the html version then it will be fine
    18. jumpluff
      i am upset i didn't get to give jumpluff a stamp :(
    19. Woodchuck
    20. Governess
      Thank you! Also, I'm having issues with where the commas go. For example, for the Manytyke LC analysis, I have a tendency to put commas before the word "as" and "such" as it sees fit. It just makes sense in my head how it sounds, though I'm never sure. I always can't tell where the commas have to go, and I'm worried I may put it in a wrong place. I was editing that Mantyke analysis, and while I didn't finish, this is what I have ATM:


      <p>Mantyke is a rather unique Pokemon in Little Cup. It is one of the few Water-types that can take on Grass-types thanks to its secondary Flying- typing. This also makes it a good check to Fighting-types and Ground-types. However, its Flying- typing works as a double-edged sword as it gives it a crippling 4x Electric weakness and a weakness to Stealth Rock. Don't let this putsteer you offfrom using Mantyke, though, as it does have a few more things going for it. It has the best Special Defense in Little Cup by far and it haposesses two great abilities, allowing it to be both a Ddefensive and Ooffensive threat.</p>

      name: RestTalk
      move 1: Rest
      move 2: Sleep Talk
      move 3: Air Slash
      move 4: Scald / Toxic
      item: Eviolite
      ability: Water Absorb
      nature: Bold
      evs: 156 HP / 196 Def / 36 SpA / 116 SpD


      <p>Thanks to its great defenses, Mantyke is a good candidate for a RestTalk set. With the given EVs and an Eviolite, Mantyke reaches a Special Defense stat of 30, (AC) allowing it to take on many Sspecial Aattackers such as Snover and Misdreavus. Thanks to the dDefense investment and its secondary Flying-type, it can also take on many Fighting-types such as Timburr, Croagunk and Mienfoo, although, (AC) it must watch out for the occasional Stone Edge from the latter. The various Grass-types of the tier, (AC) such as Shroomish and Foongus, (AC) also fear this set, (AC) since Mantyke shrugs off the status moves that they commonly carry with Rest.</p>

      <p>Rest and Sleep Talk are the obviousmandatory moves; Rest is Mantyke's only form of recovery and it removes status likesuch as Toxic, which would otherwise cripple it severely, whilst Sleep Talk stops Mantyke from being dead weight after it has rused Rested. Air Slash is Mantyke's most reliable STAB move, (AC) and it allows it to take on the aforementioned Fighting- and Grass-types. The last moveslot is a toss-up between Scald and Toxic. Scald is a decent secondary STAB and it deals large damage to Rock-, Ground- and Fire-types. The 30% burn chance is also appreciated which can help against Pphysical attackers. Toxic, however, is great for crippling bulky pPokemon like Lileep, Porygon, (AC) and Frillish, (AC) which would otherwise shrug off Mantyke's weak attacks. Toxic and Scald can be used in conjunction, but this is generally not recommended as Mantyke will then be walled by Croagunk, Shroomish, (AC) and Foongus.</p>


      <p>156 HP EVs give Mantyke an HP stat of 23 which is a Stealth Rock number, allowing Mantyke to take 5 HP damage instead 6 HP upon switching in. Maxed out Defense and a Bold nature are also chosen to boost Mantyke's lower defensive stat as much as possible. The remaining EVs are put into Special Defense and Special Attack. Water Absorb is the ability of choice, but do not expect it to see too much use, (AC) as many Water-types carry moves that hit Mantyke super effectively, such as Electric-type moves from Staryu and Chinchou, (AC) or Rock-type moves from Tirtouga. There is a not a lot of other options to use in the final slot. Hidden Power Fire could be used to hit Ferroseed, (AC) but this is far too situational as Air Slash and Scald are superior in almost all other situations.</p>

      <p>Due to Mantyke's Stealth Rock weakness, it needs to be paired with a Rapid Spinner. Drilbur can Sspin and also absorb Electric-type attacks aimed at Mantyke. Staryu is another option for a Rapid Spinner, but it adds to Mantyke's Electric-type weakness. Mantyke appreciates a partner that can take on Electric-types like, (AC) such as Chinchou and Magnemite. A Chinchou of your own is a great choice to wall these Pokemon, whilst Mantyke can beat Grass-types that counter it. Lileep and Porygon are alsother good Pokemon that can beat Chinchou, whilst Mantyke can handle the Fighting-types that threaten them. Finally, (AC) Croagunk can take on many of Mantyke's counters such as Chinchou, Magnemite, Lileep, (AC) and Ferroseed.</p>

      name: Swift Swim Sweeper
      move 1: Rain Dance
      move 2: Hydro Pump
      move 3: Ice Beam / Substitute
      move 4: Air Slash / Substitute
      item: Life Orb / Eviolite
      ability: Swift Swim
      nature: Modest
      evs: 36 Def / 196 SpA / 36 SpD / 196 Spe
      ivs: 0 HP


      <p>Mantyke can also take a more offensive approach with a Rain Dance set. Under rain, it gets a boost to its STAB Water-type moves as well as doubled speed thanks to Swift Swim. With the prevalence of Sand teams in the metagame, Mantyke has a great niche in disrupting the weather. The idea of this set is simple;: Mantyke should set up Rain Dance against something that can't do muchlittle to it, such as Hippopotas or Croagunk, and proceed to tear through the opposing team with its powerful Hydro Pump. Ice Beam is the main coverage move of choice as it can 2HKO Lileep with a Life Orb, allowing Mantyke to break through one of its main counters. Air Slash is a good secondary STAB move, hitting Snover and Croagunk for super effective damage. Substitute is another option which can be used over Air Slash or Ice Beam. This helps Mantyke avoid a Sucker Punch from Murkrow or Pawniard, but Croagunk will be an issue if it goes over Air Slash, (AC) and Lileep will wall you if it goes over Ice Beam.</p>


      <p>The choice between Eviolite and Life Orb is a tough one. Whilst the power difference is noticeable if you don't have Life Orb, Eviolite will give Mantyke a much easier time setting up. If Life Orb is your item of choice, make sure you change the HP IVs to 0, which will give Mantyke only 1 HP recoil. Timid is an alternative option for the nature, (AC) which avoids the speed tie with Choice Scarf Misdreavus and Choice Scarf Murkrow, but these situations are rare so Modest is the recommended ability. As for possible changes to the move set, Hidden Power Grass can be used to hit Chinchou on the switch in as it 2HKOs the standard RestTalk set with a Life Orb.</p>

      <p>Mantyke appreciates certain Pokemon removed before it sweeps, such as Chinchou, Staryu, Lileep, (AC) and Ferroseed. Croagunk has the ability to beat all of these Pokemon and also lures out Hippopotas and Bronzor which Mantyke can set up on. Croagunk's ability Dry Skin also benefits from the rain. Diglett can switch in on a predicted Electric move and trap and kill Chinchou, but it must be wary of switching into Hydro Pump or Scald. Lileep beats Chinchou and Staryu and can also set up Stealth Rock which can help Mantyke get some KOs. In fact, most Grass-types can handle Chinchou and Staryu, making them great partners for Mantyke.</p>

      Some of the commas were mandatory, but some of them I wasn't quite sure. I feel as if I added too many of them @-@
    21. Redew

      so old
    22. Governess
    23. Pkn range6
      Pkn range6
      Hey I didn't think your GP check was too harsh but thanks for the tips, I'll keep those in mind when writing an analysis.
    24. Furai
      /me huggle
    25. Governess
      Wow, that was a lot more than I anticipated ^^; Thank you for looking it over.
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