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Oct 23, 2014 at 12:21 AM
May 29, 2011
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Oct 11, 1994 (Age: 20)
The University of Alabama


xXFaze GatoXx, Male, 20, from The University of Alabama

is a Contributor to Smogonis a Smogon Media Contributor

To do list: 1. Free Elpis 2. Crush nerds as Captain Falcon 3. Check some analyses Oct 16, 2014

GatoDelFuego was last seen:
Viewing thread Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer, C&C Edition, Oct 23, 2014 at 12:21 AM
    1. Electrolyte
      Yeah, don't worry, I implemented his check. I looked through it and agreed with his changes, and he provided me with a nice C/P'd version

      Anyway, thanks for promising to do it!
    2. Electrolyte
      hey, if you could GP LC Deino, that'd be terrific~
    3. alexwolf
      Who cares anymore... Thx for the support Gato :D
    4. inanimate blob
    5. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      Still longing for an auto-Wish ability for it
    6. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      If that Pokébeach rumor is legit (and I believe it is; he got Fairy-type being SE on Dragon, Helioptile and the others' names AND Sky Battles right), then Fairy is:

      Immune to Dragon;
      SE against Dragon, Dark, Fighting;
      NVE against Fire and Psychic;
      Resistant to nothing.

      Meaning Latios is one of the few Dragons neutral do Fairy and Hydreigon suddenly gets a nasty 4x weakness. The poor thing.
    7. inanimate blob
      inanimate blob
      Hay. :3

      I know it's just a letter, but do you mind possibly doing my final GP check on my Join Avenue Letter? It'd be great for it to finally be finished. :D
    8. Woodchuck
      why did you change all the 'who's to 'which's when governness is using human pronouns (she) for everything ://///
    9. VN.
      it made sense to me when i typed it but not to other people i guess; the "disagreeing with the views" is what i was referring to with the second part, not that i disagreed but its not a big deal now since it's buried lol
    10. VN.
      nonono i didnt disagree with yours, i completely agree with it lol; its ridiculous that people expect something out of a site for playing pokemon
    11. sandshrewz
      It does happen~ /me pet Gato
    12. Gary2346
      Thanks dude!
    13. Spirit
      Thanks in advance Gato! :D
    14. The NU Tuber
      The NU Tuber
      Hi, would you mind GP checking Misdreavus if you have some spare time? Thanks in advance :)
    15. Redew
      meh. i have no drive and i don't think i'm going to make much of an effort to do anything else, really. it's not like i've been doing much anyway lol
    16. Redew
      no it were typo

      you miss gp 1/3

      go home come back DONT
    17. Layell
      Maybe he did say it in season 4????

      You better get a new start to watch the rest of them.
    18. ebeast
      If you have time, would you mind GP checking Zweilous? Its just a single set, so it shouldn't take too long. Thanks in advance!
    19. Rohail
      One more thing, I made an amcheck for UU Togekiss, do you think it's stamp-worthy?
    20. Rohail
      Wow that was weird, I swear Oglemi's check wasn't there on the date it says it was O.O
      Thanks though for like.....trying :P
    21. Governess
      Thank you! I'm just trying to find more analyses I can GP check and get stamped so I can have a solid selection to choose from whenever I decide to apply for the GP team.

      I have no idea when I started or how long I've been doing it, but there was a vast improvement from then to now o3o I'll know when I'm ready to apply.
    22. Rohail
      Hiya Gato, I was wondering if you could GP check my UU Sigilyph analysis when you have some time, it needs one more check before its finished. Thanks in advance ^_^
    23. Governess
      Hihi! If you have a spare minute, do you think this is worth a stamp? Honestly, this analysis was great, weren't many errors to begin with. I always see to to ask you these things at night, lol
    24. Pkn range6
      Pkn range6
      Thanks I'll keep that in mind and yeah English is not my first language.
    25. Rohail
      OMG! I love Katy Perry, she's probably my favourite singer, and Daft Punk is pretty cool too. I usually listen to Pop, Jazz, and Blues music, however, I occasionally listen to Country and Rap. Moves are also whatever for me, but if I were to pick a favourite, it'd be Family Comedy and Drama o.o
      So we do have a lot in common ^_^ Hope to see ya around :)
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    Part of the GP team, message me for a check!


    Oct 11, 1994 (Age: 20)
    The University of Alabama
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    Often lost in thought
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