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Jul 19, 2010
Jul 4, 2010
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Jul 19, 2010
    1. Bowser
      yeah and mach punch didnt ohko ninetales
    2. Bowser
    3. Bowser
      Lol yeah and toxic totally screwed me before going to shuckle I was really thinking about going to scarf Hp rock on typhlosion to take you out
    4. Bowser
      Ahh Good Game im gonna flee I have no pokes left
    5. pharoh001x
      see you on!@
    6. GREEN00
      I am on wifi.
    7. Deschain
      wow indeed. if you don't want to plsy by the rules, not play around here.
    8. Deschain
      and regardless of that, you are required to state clearly if you're using "legal" hacks. you can get black-listed for not doing so.

      if we ever battle again, please leave your pokemon hacked with Event-only, XD or Pokebox moves at home.
    9. Deschain
      there's no way to RNG abuse or soft reset it, which is why i specifically ask for it to NOT be used against me, because it's extremely difficult to get one with decent IVs.
    10. GeneralPepper
      If you google how to get an extremespeed linoone on google you will see you need to deposit 100 pokemon in the R/S boxes and you get a linoone with extremespeed, it than can be taugh belly drum by level up, shadow claw and seed bomb by TM making it not a hack. It is shiny with 30 IVs in attack and speed which is thought unlikely it IS possible making it legal
    11. Deschain
      oh, and just to be clear, that Linoone is an ILLEGAL hack.
    12. Deschain
      well you should probably read the first page of Battle Me before looking for matches then, because it is against the rules to hack pokemon without making your opponent aware of it.

      plus, i SPECIFICALLY stated when we battle earlier NOT to bring hacks with Event-only, XD or Pokebox moves.

      not cool dude.
    13. Deschain
      ah, i just battled someone using both those, so i got them mixed up.

      but i'd still like an answer about Linoone.
    14. Deschain
      by the way, do you use hacks? because unless i'm mistaken, there's no way to get ExtremeSpeed on a shiny, nicknamed Linoone, making it an illegal hack. not to mention i've asked you not to bring pokemon with "special" moves if you ARE going to use hacks.

      was there an event recently i'm not aware of?
    15. Deschain
      gg man. that critfest there at the end was pretty lame. :(

      and way to bring the EXACT same team. i'll know not to trust you on that next time. xP

      i'm off to bed, catch you later.
    16. GREEN00
      No thank you. My opportunity to battle has passed, I cannot battle until later. And the chances of all moves being repeated exactly is very slim. It's possible you rolled minimum damage 3 times against Steelix, and that I rolled minimum damage against Kangaskhan with EQ. There are also 4 opportunities for critical hit from Kangaskhan.

      If we rematch, changing teams seems appropriate.
    17. GREEN00
      My internet cut out. I apologize on the inanimate object's behalf, but I have little control over it. I saw only one of your pokemon's movesets, and I specifically requested we change our teams.

      I am on wifi if you change your mind.
    18. GREEN00
      I did not disconnect. May we rematch with different teams?
    19. Deschain
      heh, yeah Outrage was a bit of a shocker...but Ice Punch would have done more damage. ;) and remember, i hit Giraffarig with a +2 Spuer Effective Dark Pulse...that's going to fuck some shit up. xP
    20. Deschain
      haha, yeah Rhyperior is a damn champion...taking Brick Breaks and Seed Bombs left and right! was your Giraffe Timid? i was torn as to whether i should hope to win a speed tie, or just Vacuum Wave and hope for a 2HK0. i look forward to our next match. :toast:
    21. Deschain
      wow man, incredible battle. that Nasty Plot predict really turned the tide of the battle. nail biter! xD
    22. Deschain
      meet me on for UU!
    23. Jubilee
      GG, teams really Rhyperior weak lol, everything is OHKOed by it bare Registeel which barely survives and cant do anything really back =/
    24. Deschain
      haha, good game man. guess it would have come down to weather or not Stone Edge/Rock slide missed on Altaria or not. Sand is fun in UU/NU. :naughty:
    25. RockinX
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    HG FC: 5457-1984-0494

    I do UU battles
    I am using legal hacks, dont like then dont battle
    Standard rules,all clauses except item, no hax items
    Record W46-L26
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