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Sep 16, 2017
Mar 27, 2012
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is a Past SPL Champion
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Sep 16, 2017
    1. kokoloko
    2. Lavos
      lol can we at least be somewhat civil to each other? i'm not asking for a truce but maybe lower the sword a bit. anyways yea i can be here at the time you specified, unfortunately it's also right at tour time and i'm doing that so before or after would be better. bo1 is shitty because the game could conceivably just be decided by hax or team matchup and i want something better than that. i would therefore much prefer a bo3 or bo5 (bw ou of course, because you're unfamiliar with gsc/adv/dpp and i'm unfamiliar with uu/ubers). see you then i guess.
    3. Lavos
      i was just going to have us do a bo3 in bw ou.
    4. Lavos
      i'm on grotto waiting
    5. Style_Dota
      no problemo

      Marth > Smogon 4ever!
    6. Stratos
    7. DittoCrow
    8. WhiteQueen
      nigga I don't even play bw ou and I make it to the quarterfinals. I won vs huy (a vgc'12 pro) in the vcg'12 tourney round 1 and I just started playing it since the start of the round. All my spl losses were due to bad luck even when I had inferior team matchups. Watch as the big Queen wins the final tomorrow
    9. WhiteQueen
      I just told you why. Come play against me in the finals of this Friday's bw ou tour if you can even make it that far
    10. WhiteQueen
      forget about the battle tonight. I'm not gonna waste my time playing without any stipulation. You should thank the smogon mods for saving you an epic embarrassment
    11. august
      alright so im finishin my homework then we'll have a fine best of 3 dual in 3 tiers of my choosing
    12. hellpowna
      i won against bro using Ferligatr, got smashed by it!. Now, love me <3 <3
    13. SoulWind
      whoa you care a lot about that game don't you. but im not surprised that you're still discussing this tbh xD. you won that game or "anhilated" me because you had a good team matchup and got lucky with that crit, it woulda been closer if you didn't crit keldeo and you perfectly know it. i'd still lose that game cause i never said i'd won without that shit, but it would be closer, even again having a favorable team matchup lol. now get lost and stop arguing this =)
    14. SoulWind
      too bad you got a crit on my sweeper and didn't confuse or miss your fblast, but it ok that never happened and let's concentrate on my win only, that didn't mattered nothing for sure! jesus marth kid you better go to all your po idols to let them such your cock once more and let you think that you're any good at this game, c'me onn
    15. yond
      i had feelings
    16. SoulWind
    17. Lord Moet
      Lord Moet
      I'll probably be able to play Saturday. If I get on before that I'll be in the idm channel probs.
    18. Nova
      this guy is a force
    19. SoulWind
      what time is late afternoon
      im not staying up until midnight or past on friday lol
    20. SoulWind
      when do you want to play, im available in the afternoons and evenings gmt +1, and i cant play on sunday
    21. Furai
    22. Chase
      Heh I won't be home at that time on Saturday. 10-11 pm gmt on Sunday should work though. I can play in the early Saturday afternoon too.
    23. Chase
    24. Chase
      I can play only in the evenings, from 8-9 pm (gmt+1) and in the weekends. What about Friday at that time? Then we have Sunday, just in case.
    25. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming

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    +Valentine: never fucking hightlight me again marth
    +Valentine: you have no idea how much i actually dont give a shit about you
    reyscarface: i wish i were you marth
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