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  • Scratch what I said about PID control, at least partially. There's a fair amount of control over wild/legendary Pokemon, but eggs are still slightly unpredictable. However, the possibilities can be eliminated down to 3, which is infinitely better than 25 natures*2 abilities.
    I've successfully done CGear abuse. It's not super difficult, but you're forced to go with a low frame (think 3,10, 17 for easiest results) if you want to do it efficiently. I've also done Non Cgear abuse with an AR, which is really really easy to do. OmegaDonut almost has Non CGear abuse figured out without an AR (as long as you're using a retail cartridge), so if we can get that running, then RNG abuse should be very easy.

    The one thing that frustrates me is the lack of inheritance/PID control at this time. We don't know how to predict that IV's will pass. We also can't predict what nature/ability you'll get.
    Pikatimer might be a little finicky. I used to be able to use it flawlessly, but ever since I reformatted my computer, it's been inconsistent. I've been since forced to use ZomgTimer, which certainly works. I'll probably have to update the video with a link or something.
    There are these things called encounter slots. In RNGreporter's main window, load up your seed and scroll down to your frame. Right click and select "calculate encounter slot". It should give you the encounter slot for each type of encounter. Compare that number to the data in the links of that window, which will tell you what species will appear.
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