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Dec 2, 2015
Mar 27, 2011
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Here comes the waterworks!, from Motherland

is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL and WCoP Championwon the 9th Official Smogon Tournament
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Dec 2, 2015
    1. TGMD
      How about I meet you on grotto in 10 minutes?
    2. TGMD
      Sure. PO or PS?
    3. TGMD
      Hey, we're battling for Fan Favourites tour. I'm GMT + 12 and I can play any time within reason (eg. not times like 3am, lol) except for after like 4pm tomorrow because I'm going out. Unfortunately, I will be leaving for a holiday on my Monday (I say my because I'm likely a day ahead of you most of the time), so I'll only be able to battle sometime between now and the end of my Sunday, sorry about the restriction. However, we should definitely be able to get this done due to how flexible my available times are. Sorry again about the inconvenience :(
    4. Enguarde
      Yeah sure I don't see why I wouldn't be able on then :) I'll just be hanging about on the showdown main server. So pm me there when you're ready and i'll swap to the other one for our battle.
    5. Furai
      Leave my baby Ellie alone ;_;
    6. Furai
      Ellie Goulding ♥_♥
    7. Furai
      aaaaaa the double trophy so prettyyyyyyyyy
    8. Enguarde
      Hey I'm gmt+11 and really busy during the week due to work and uni so how about next weekend sometime? I'll gladly get myself awake at an odd time to play to accommodate so if you're free sometime then that would be great!
    9. BLINGAS
      hi hugo. = - ]

      (i'll play whenever, i needa build a team)
    10. SoulWind
      i prefer battling before the tour, like 2 hours before it or something, 1 at latest. up to you
    11. CTC
      Arrr.. are.. are you the legendary GR8ASTARD???????
      Can i suck yo diiiiiick?
    12. SoulWind
      well it's actually a bit late for me. during the weeks i usually stay until 9pm-9.30pm max. so if you could do earlier it's fine, if not we can just make it in the weekend.
      /superlate grats on your trophies, combination of red and yellow is pretty
    13. SoulWind
      yo i can play whenever in my afternoon (gmt+1) weekend should be fine i think but we can do it during the week if you want
    14. Kidogo
      hey are you free now before tour? otherwise we can jsut play some time today whenever you're free, i'm on p much the whole day
    15. Pocket
      yo, thanks for writing the champ gator analysis!

      just reminding you to 1) change the tags to Copyediting and 2) post a link of your thread in GP Queue so the GP team knows that you're ready for checks
    16. aerialace TM40
    17. august
      HUGO strong
    18. Weegee the haxer
      Weegee the haxer
      Ok, im now in grotto xd
    19. Audiosurfer
      Ok, ready to play now?
    20. dice
      Ur cute
    21. Lavos
      lol thanks. you should get involved, we're short on good players. plus you get to befriend such mighty users as alexwolf and pocket
    22. Lavos
      are you making plans to be continually involved in c&c or is the gatr analysis just a one time thing?
    23. Weegee the haxer
      Weegee the haxer
      I cant play at that time, can we play on saturday at 11pm my time or sunday at 7pm my time xP
    24. Audiosurfer
      If I change my mind I'll let you know via pm/irc but for now I'd prefer to stick w/ Saturday
    25. Weegee the haxer
      Weegee the haxer
      I dont know, i maybe go with my friends. On friday i confirm you
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