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Dec 12, 2010
Aug 12, 2007
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Dec 12, 2010
    1. nagger
      oohh ok. now thats out of the way, what the difference between you pokemon and thos "re-distributable'. are they worth different amount?
    2. nagger
      Hi Griffard. i know you dont know me but i viewed you trade thread and some of those pokemon in there are really great. im relatively new to competitve battleing and i recently join smogon. can you expain to me what a "credit" is?
    3. super_dragon
      Ok. Tell me when though because I need to arrange my pokemon.
    4. super_dragon
      If you can trade now, I can trade also. Use Diamond FC.
    5. Metalex
      would you be free to trade soon?
    6. GREEN00
      Epic battle. Absolutely epic. Incredibly close. I would have been happy to lose such a close battle. We both got some hax (paralysing Cradily was very bad for me if not for 3 turns of subsequent hax in my favor), so it was pretty balanced. I expected HP grass on Magmortar. Had I brought my Probopass into battle (which I almost did), the battle would have played out very differently.

      Thanks for such a great battle.
    7. Seesami
      Yeah, i wanted it to be fair, since you got the poison on me last time
    8. Seesami
      Good game man. I did have nice 1hp survive hax with my primeape:)
    9. Seesami
      Damn wifi, want to try again?
    10. froggrunner
      Yeah, shoulda brought in rhyperior instead of azumarill...Oh well, live and learn. Good game either way =)
    11. froggrunner
      Good game =) Ugh, hate donphan, when I use it, it sucks, when my opponents uses it, it screws me over =)
    12. froggrunner
      you wanna UU? If you don't, its okay =)
    13. joshk_bra
      o soo srry bout the late reply
      but i can trade if your still able to =D
    14. pharoh001x
      I'll nu you
    15. Dusk252
      It's all ok except for Timid Entei because it's already taken. Also, there are 2 Raikous. Which one will you EV?
    16. Dusk252
      As soon as possible. If you could have them ready by Tuesday or Wednesday it would be good.
    17. Dusk252
      You can choose the 6 you want to do^^
    18. Dusk252
      Hi there, could you EV train some stuff for me? Please check my EV training needs in my thread, take a look at the rules and the Pokémon and see if it's worth it^^
    19. PikachuK1d
      good effin game
    20. PikachuK1d
      i'm connxted, waiting
    21. PikachuK1d
    22. Arcticuno
      Yeah, that sounds right. :) Thanks
    23. Arcticuno
      If you don't mind doing that much work, that sounds good to me. And yes, unfortunately, I will need clones of Donphan and Houdoon. :/ Let me know when you are available to trade. And could you please mark the original Cubone and Teddiursa?
    24. Arcticuno
      Well, I'm looking to get 5 clones of both Teddiursa and Cubone and then I need one clone of Aromaflora's Nidoking (which I have semi-redis on, so you could keep a copy but couldn't trade it)
    25. Freelanczer
      hey im on and i can trade now
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