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haxorus the ddancer
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Aug 20, 2011
Jun 30, 2011
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haxorus the ddancer

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Aug 20, 2011
    1. haxorus the ddancer
      haxorus the ddancer
      i am soon finished with my competive team feel my wrath random
      my choice scarf scizor, weawile and selfbomber azelf is getting old them arent so good in gen 5 with exception of scizor
    2. haxorus the ddancer
      haxorus the ddancer
      i dont kile people that are like:ohh look how good i are i are best in the world mamam mia!lol
    3. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      lol Haxorus, you got a problem with me talking to Showdown?

      and I don't talk about my IQ all the time, I just had finished saying the IQ Test is now considered redundant, and is an innacurate measure of intelligence...

      I'm sorry if you feel threatened by me, but the thing is, I wouldn't be on a competetive forum like Smogon if I wasn't threatening, or smart and powerful xD
    4. S1L3NT
      My team is only legends. I cannot battle for a while, but I will let you know when I am able.
    5. haxorus the ddancer
      haxorus the ddancer
      ok i have gen 5 soon
    6. S1L3NT
      I dont have a 4th gen game just yet
    7. haxorus the ddancer
      haxorus the ddancer
      hehe same name there to xD
    8. shadow zoroark
      shadow zoroark
      Hello haxorus ^_^ I would just like to ask why you joined the guild. and if you came from serebii, what your name was there, just to clear things up. ^_^
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    my future black team: garchomp, tyranitar, excadrill, reshiram, gigalith and ferrathorn
    OMG! you see a garchomp what should you do!? 1.wait for the death 2. wait to when it are uber again 3.RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AND HOPE YOU WILL SURVIVE THAT FEAROCIUS BEAST!:naughty::pimp:


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