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  • If I do a redo for timid with encore, I'll just do a iv spread like this:31/x/31/31/31/31. It's easier.
    Maybe by the end of today, but I'll be busy. Guessestimate: 5-6 hours later. It doesn't take that long to rng, just that I need to do something else. Do you want pokerus? Easier to ev train that way.
    Well, I am considering doing a jumpluff with enocre. But it will take a little longer. Do you want the puff, without encore, or do you want to wait cause I have a good parent now.
    I just got the the spread in the car. First try. Weirdly, I'm better rnging in a moving car with a small stopwatch than with a big clock not in a moving car. I didn't know you wanted encore, but I saw that helping hand can be goten by hgss, dppt move tutors in the frontier. So that can always be replaced. I'll give it to you when we are both online.
    Hi. Cynthia from Pokemon Online. I'm almost ready with the jumpluff. I have it shiny and with the nature, but I can't hit the seed for ivs. The first spread had a delay to low for me to hit. So I went to my usual spread for jolly. 31/31/31/8/31/31. I'll probably hit it soon or in the car on the way to the dentist or something. I'll tell you when.
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