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Oct 22, 2014 at 11:04 AM
Jun 11, 2010
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formerly yan[sogeking], Male

is a World Cup of Pokemon defending champion

leave me a vm if you are a cute girl. oo Aug 1, 2014

HeIIraiser was last seen:
Oct 22, 2014 at 11:04 AM
    1. Jirachee
      Uh I can't play now I'm on my phone at school. I can play Thursday after 2PM or during the weekend, otherwise I'm pretty busy
    2. aim
      ill be asleep in 6 hours haha but ill be on 2m at the time u mentioned :x
    3. Windsong
    4. ssbbm
      i m gmt -5 how about friday after 5pm?
    5. Marth
      we can play on wednesday saturday or sunday or later in the evening GMT times like 8pm + on any other day your call on that
    6. Valentine
      het lets play for SPL

      im gmt -7
    7. Cristal
      Me se case ;_;
    8. Level 51
      Level 51
      Hey, I noticed your VM on Zarel's wall. Just pointing out that the text version records it as a crit: [hide=Turns 19-20]Start of turn 19
      Haru replaced Freia with Delta (level 100 Porygon2).
      Pointed rocks dug into Delta.
      [IMG] 374 → 328
      Delta traced Ditto's Rough Skin!
      Delta's ability became Rough Skin!
      Koga”'s Ditto used Outrage
      Delta lost 102 HP (27%).
      [IMG] 328 → 226
      Ditto was hurt by Delta's Rough Skin.
      [IMG] 300 → 263

      Start of turn 20
      Koga”'s Ditto used Outrage
      It's a critical hit! Delta lost 226 HP (60%).
      [IMG] 226 → 0
      Delta fainted!
      Ditto is confused!
      Delta was trying to use Ice Beam.
      Haru replaced Delta with Galaxy (level 100 Starmie).
      Pointed rocks dug into Galaxy.
      [IMG] 128 → 96[/hide]
    9. Zarel
      Sorry, I don't know. You'd have to ask the pokecheck authors.
    10. MarceloDK
      da time ;_;
    11. SoulWind
      im on find me in irc, in #spl
    12. SoulWind
      not on sunday, but i have to wake up damn early
    13. SoulWind
      6 hours of difference. latest i can start the game is 9 gmt +1 (3pm gmt -5) in both days cause school and that its late here
    14. SoulWind
      na not likely
    15. SoulWind
      i cant play at 3 am when i have to get up at 7 am lol. just better do it in the weekend, we even have less timezone differene
    16. locopoke
      ill look it up
    17. Ojama
      i thought you had to go by wednesday... I'll try to be there tonight but I'd like to play on tuesday if possible. If not, lets play at 7pm gmt-2 then
    18. McMeghan
      s\n >:'|
    19. ZoroDark
      er sure, I'm on right now, and i'll stay on for an hour or so i think
      EDIT: OK in other words :P
    20. ZoroDark
      i'm on right now!
    21. ZoroDark
      Oh damn, it IS -6. Sorry for that, but yeah that should work fine. It might be a little bit later, but i'll come on in 3hours from this post on Showdown.
    22. ZoroDark
      Didn't I tell you my GMT was -6? Well anyway, it was 8 PM last night, I'm on right now and will be for a ton of time as well.
    23. ZoroDark
      Yeah but for some weirdo reason my patents decided to go out for dinner tonight(with me) In sorry, but could we do This either in 14 hours from This post, or tomorrow a little earlier?
    24. ZoroDark
      Ugh, Sadly I don't think I'll have pc access (This is sent from my cellphone) but I'll try to get on very hard.
    25. ZoroDark
      It depends really, I think 11pm-2am should work fine. But I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to come on...
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    <gr8astard> i know nobody still cares about you even after you won wcop and superstars
    <gr8astard> can you stop pming me nobody gives a shit
    <MDragon> Call me Mariano again and I will ban you in sight in any channel I see you.


    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
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