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Dec 22, 2014 at 12:40 AM
Mar 27, 2009
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Viewing thread Smogon Premier League 6 - Commencement, Dec 22, 2014 at 12:40 AM
    1. Friar
      Sorry, just on my phone. Should have internet figured out at my apartment by this weekend. Ill get on IRC when I can and will look for you there also
    2. SoulWind
      sup heister, long time has passed since our last tourney battle, we must do uu open r3 now. our timezone difference is gooddamn big, but since monday-friday im always available in my morning since 9 am-2pm, id also like if we could to it tomorrow or on friday, but if you can't its all good
      1. Heist
        yea that is 11 pm to 4 am my time. i am definitely not starting a bo3 any later than 10 pm.

        you are probably gonna have to be on around 9 pm your time (11 am mine) and onwards for this to get done
        Aug 21, 2013
    3. Friar
      Hi, w're matched up for round 2 of the RU Open. I'm going back to school tomorrow and my schedule will be a lot busier than before, so planning to play over the weekend works best for me. My timezone is gmt -6. Looking forward to some good games!
      1. Heist
        yep, i am gmt +12 so weekend definitely seems the best option. probably looking at something like afternoon/late evening for you
        Aug 20, 2013
    4. Sapientia
      when can you play for ru open? I'm free most of the next week. Some day around 10 AM gmt+2 is ok?
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      2. Sapientia
        Ok. I'm on ori
        Aug 13, 2013
      3. Sapientia
        I think we scheduled our 3rd battle for now. I would be on Joim's Lab, if you come on
        Aug 16, 2013
      4. Heist
        yea sorry. didnt think it was a conclusive agreement. hope to catch u over the weekend
        Aug 16, 2013
    5. bro fist
    6. Danilo
      wassup. i expect to see u back playing tour when i return
    7. Danilo
      stick around u BITCH
    8. xDavidx
      Sup man, it's me again, can u play today or tomorrow for the wcop?
    9. JohnnyCrying
      I made it in like 10 minutes so i'm not really mad, but i think it's still better than a good part of the thread ahah, thanks for the advice !
    10. JohnnyCrying
    11. JohnnyCrying
      Thx a lot for voting for me, you're the only one who is unbiased is guess ahah !
    12. Taylor
      hey man we should probably play our match because of our timezones and the we dont have long until subs are made.
    13. Goddess Briyella
    14. Taylor
      ok well i will be on for a good 5/6 hours tonight so just message me and we can play. i dont want to play you first tbh but our timezones are far apart so we dont really have time to leave it as late as you initially wouldve liked.
    15. Danilo
      response to your pm:
      use xatu
    16. Taylor
      heist, i know its early days but would you be ok with playing soon? i understand if not.
    17. Marshall.Law
      I meant about aboma because after protect it dies.
      Anyway, ggs again and thank you for re-let me wow
    18. Danilo
      you can join me and the rest of germany in supporting DJ TV-Rocka
    19. Marshall.Law
      Why 12% ? It's 6% (1/16 damage)
    20. Danilo
    21. Marshall.Law
      I was at 100% and you could do only one protect with Abomasnow, with sr, spikes and poison
      It depends how many protects you would get with tran even if it wouldn't been sufficient imo
    22. Marshall.Law
      Ok, I'm on pokemonexperte, let me just 5 min
    23. Marshall.Law
      yes I will be, don't worry
    24. Marshall.Law
      1h30 later than that it's possible ?
    25. Marshall.Law
      ah ...
      What time tomorrow do you mean ?
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