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Jan 31, 2013
Jan 13, 2013
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Jan 31, 2013
    1. HelloooNurse
      The problem is when I select my save, it won't open it. Oh well, I'll find something else to discover my SID.
    2. Fennekin
      Assuming you're using Emerald..
      >Load software
      >Save Editor
      >Open > (select your .sav)
      This is when you edit your TID or extract .pkm files.
      When you're done, hit either Save (Guardar) or Save As (Guardar como).
    3. Fennekin
      Holy crap I derped badly. Forgot to make them public so the url redirects to home.
      Here they are. IVs are kinda shitty because I refused to do 700k+ frames again goddamit. :c

      As for the Secret ID, I'd suggest you used Pokemon Enciclopedia. It's a spanish software to view and edit your party, as well as extracting pokémon files from the third generation.
    4. Fennekin
      Fuck yeah, Emerald RNG Abuse
    5. Fennekin
      Why hello there! Sure, but before clicking the link, I'll post some instructions.
      Let us assume you saved your game exactly in front of Mew.
      >Open VBA
      >Load ROM
      As soon as you load a rom, the frames start advancing by 60 per second. You will always start on frame 1, keep that in mind.
      >Load your game, and hit Turbo for a few seconds, or even minutes.
      >Save State in F1 and F2
      >Press the following sequence of keystrokes: Control+P, Alt+1, Fn+F1, Control+P, which is Pause, Load State, AutoFire, and Unpause.
      This way, you'll hit the exact frame you Save State'd. Catch the thing and calculate its IVs. Enter them in the RNG Reporter and check the frame you hit.
      For this example, let's assume your target frame is 555,432.
      a)If you ended up hitting frame 469,382, for example, load that F1 State once again and keep using turbo a few more seconds.
      b)If you accidentally overshoot and ended up hitting Frame 555,982 load your state once again and be more careful with Turbo.
      >Keep doing the previous steps until you're at least 100 frames away from your target.

      Now, here's the fun part:
      Let's say you made a Save State on frame 555,400. That's 32 frames away from your target.
      >Pause the Emulator.
      >Load the Save State. Since it's Paused, Frames will -not- advance. And thus, you will manually advance them. There's an option called "Next Frame" in the emulator's settings. Since you're 32 frames away, hit it ~20 times, so you'll have a nice margin of error in case something goes wrong. Save State now.
      >You are now 12 frames away. Manually advance 12 more frames, turn AutoFire on, and unpause. If done correctly, your shiny Mew will appear. If not, catch it either way. Keep note of the IVs and check your actual frame. Chance are you missed it by 1 or 2.
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