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May 29, 2017 at 2:49 AM
Jun 28, 2008
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Jul 26, 1991 (Age: 25)
Winnipeg, Canada


I'm your rational mind., Male, 25, from Winnipeg, Canada

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    1. cim
      As for the "on topic" question: I don't think we should use the simulator right now for Gen 5 because it seems like at best the developer's integrity is questionable. (The whole "fake virus" thing, the whole "i'm not releasing gen 5 oh wait i am oh wait i'm not" thing, etc. are what I base this value judgement on)

      With more time, we may find that either he doesn't pull this shit anymore or that we are more desperate to simulate Gen 5 than before.
    2. cim
      All of my "assumptions" are things you could pretty easily research or look up to verify.

      You can't drag an argument in one direction and claim I'm off topic when all I'm doing is directly addressing what you said. If you don't think what you said hand any merit as to whether or not implementing Gen 5 via this software is a good idea, why did you say it?
    3. cim
      Many of your assumptions used to form your point are false.

      First, PO is slightly less accurate than PL/SB.

      Secondly, "intelligence" is not a simple linear thing. I'm a very intelligent person yet I've been banned 5 or 6 times from Smogon. Programming a Pkmn simulator doesn't mean you're smart enough to not randomly decide to announce to the world that you put a fake virus in your program, for example.

      Third, he stated no reasons in his "we're pulling back a feature we already released instead of working out the bugs while people use it" post.

      SB2 is absolutely not an indication of the time it will take to implement PL, because SB2 was a complete server and client rewrite designed to implement multiple Pkmn mechanics. Because of that long task done before, implementing a new set of mechanics will go a LOT faster because the entire program isn't being rewritten

      A lot of your assumptions come from a misunderstanding of what it takes to program a Pkmn simulator and engine
    4. cim
      I'm mostly saying that a guy who does that kind of stuff probably isn't bright enough to write a simulator.

      I'm sure we'll end up with a PO server or something in a few months anyway, but I am just really hesitant when he does stuff like randomly decided to just not release the 5th gen for no apparent reason (I read the thread and couldn't figure out why he didn't want to?) or put fake viruses in his program. I think the difference between now and not having a Shoddy server is that we resisted Shoddy for a year when we didn't have our own program in active development and stuff. Do keep in mind our server was mostly successful because we had DJD to program for it.
    5. cim
      i'm not going to post in the thread because i shouldn't but i do have to ask

      how is "I PUT A FAKE VIRUS IN MY PROGRAM TO SCARE YOU" a political reason to not use a program again
    6. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      Want to battle now?
    7. Delta 2777
      Delta 2777
      Yeah something came up and I had to leave, sorry about that...
      You can take the win if you want, otherwise we can do same teams/moves if that's fine with you?
    8. SOMALIA
      Can you check my Purugly analysis whenever, thank you.
    9. cim
      I don't have a problem with that ideal. My main problem with Stone Cold is that he's actually done things with the intent of hurting our website - so why should we let him have a voice in how we run?
    10. cim
      it's a big deal because they get to decide how smogon does things, not because of recognition or contribution or whatever. it's not just "posting rights"
    11. CPU
      Um, about the Washibon analysis...

      I don't think that I can get Brave Bird at level 5, because it's always male. Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
    12. Joel
      Question, there was an analysis for an OU Lead Hariyama that seemed to be doing decently with the powers that be in QC a few days ago, but it seems to have disappeared. Can you link me to it, please? It was there two days ago, bt now I can't find it.


      Nvm. I found it in the uploaded section.
    13. Destiny Warrior
      Destiny Warrior
      Could you bounce onto IRC(if you're not in class) for a bit? I'd like some help...
    14. franky
      maple leaf jew
    15. SOMALIA
      Broham, can you look at my Skuntank analysis whenever you can. Thanks!!
    16. Frizy
      Hey, could you check out my Shuppet analysis please?
    17. Optimusje
      Was just reading the komatana analyses you wrote, and something stood out:
      "Komatana is one of the most dangerous Pokemon in Little Cup, because only a couple Pokemon can switch into a +2 Sucker Punch"

      You didnt quite think that trough did you ;)?
    18. (makeup)
      Hi Heysup =] I've always been a huge fan of your teams and all those things, so I decided to shoot you a VM of my [THREAD=3032904]Sceptile Anti-Lead[/THREAD]. I've posted logs of it's success and I would really appreciate your opinion =] Thanks.
    19. Flashrider57
      Heysup, could you check my Hypno and Venomoth updates in UU QC, please? I already asked Thund, Eo, and whistle, and all of them said that they were busy.
    20. SOMALIA
      Sorry for that man;p It was basically rough work at the beginning of the analysis that i forgot to delete, thanks alot for telling me.

      I done all the changes spelling/grammar/the changes you told me so hopefully all is well
      ps. sorry for giving everyone a hard time lol, I know it's my first time doing it but thats no excuse.
    21. SOMALIA
      'This set is focused to make great use of Milotic's overall bulk, giving it the role of toxic staller and hazer.' then I continue with the rest i wrote. Good?
    22. Aerrow
      Heysup? I've implemented the changes you suggested so if you think that the Shieldon analysis is okay, could you please stamp it? I would like to get started writing it up.
    23. Aerrow
      Hi, I added your change(s) to my Shieldon QC analysis, so I was wondering if you could take a look at it again. Thanks.
    24. SOMALIA
      I changed the ev spread and made some additional comments, will you please check whenever your free. thanks alot
    25. SOMALIA
      Thanks for the comment, I guess the extra sp.def evs are to take hits from Moltres,Houndoom and rain dance sweepers better especially in the scenario when entry hazards are down. ;p
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