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Dec 19, 2014 at 2:15 AM
Jun 28, 2008
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Jul 26, 1991 (Age: 23)
Winnipeg, Canada


Monsters are dangerous and kings are dying like flies., Male, 23, from Winnipeg, Canada

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Viewing thread Metagame Discussion Thread!, Dec 19, 2014 at 2:15 AM
    1. Erazor
      Congrats on the teardrop bro.
    2. Philip7086
      Hey, sup new badge.
    3. Matthew
      <afk_Genny> HEYSUP
      <afk_Genny> YOU BIG (BAN ME PLEASE)
      <afk_Genny> oh if you're afk
      <afk_Genny> I swear to god I'll murder
    4. Namso
      Grats. :)
    5. little gk
      little gk
      waterdrop watch worked! <)
    6. little gk
      little gk
      you are such a cruel person ;_;
    7. Stallion
      Hey man, I'm still playtesting a specific team at this point, but we can do this in the next couple of days :)
    8. Banryu
      Hey, um.... I noticed that you didn't post one of the tournaments I was in in the #littlecup Cup results thread, maybe you forgot...?

      Anyway, it was one in which I beat kd24 in the first round, then lost to you... I don't remember who the fourth person was, it'd be whoever you fought in the first round. :0 Sorry to bother you, but hope we can get that up there.
    9. SOMALIA
      Congrats on the new badge
    10. eric the espeon
      eric the espeon
      congrats on a well deserved TC.
    11. little gk
      little gk
      even if it got you a wing!
    12. little gk
      little gk
      still counts as a 0
    13. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      I was laddering yesterday (2 days ago) when I battled you. It was a decent match at first but I found myself getting overwhelmed by Moltres. It misses Fire blast TWICE and Venusaur is parahaxed by Rotom. You still won because I was locked into S-ball but Shoddy lagged miserably and cost you the match. During the match, I was hoping you could get a look at the updated team (threat list) but I couldn't contact.
    14. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Sup sup. Again i''m terrible sorry for what happened yesterday, but if you wouldn't mind, do you mind seeing the updated threat list?
    15. Annoying Old Party Man
    16. Lord Liam
      Lord Liam
      Why did I look back and see stellar copy me? FF I thought of it first.
    17. Lord Liam
    18. coolking49
      It does? Shoddy must show speed stats with items boosting it then. OK, I'll change that. Thanks.
    19. coolking49
      I was going to run a scarf set, and I has thought It would be something like that. I had figured HP fighting would work. I'll try HP ground. I figured timid and no speed evs lets me hit 27, (with a scarf). thats enough right?
    20. coolking49
      Heysup, I'm trying to get into little cup, making my first team. What would be a typical magnemite set? There is no analysis of it in c&c, where I've been looking.
    21. stickid
      Hey, man. Could you tell me an effective Tyrogue set? For Little Cup, of course. Thanks (:
    22. Stellar
    23. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Ha! Glad to see that you've got a Blaziken signature. I knew you as the "Blaziken guy" when I lurked a couple of years back. Kudos!
    24. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      Ahh back during the golden days of ADV. Hmm everyone was so different. [Obi even posted a lot]

      Do you miss the UU of yesteryear?
    25. PK Gaming
      PK Gaming
      You had Raichu in your UU team for RSE?

      We are officially blood brothers.
      PS: Frolasd is NOT a suspect.
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    Jul 26, 1991 (Age: 23)
    Winnipeg, Canada
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