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Aug 22, 2012
Oct 18, 2010
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Canada eh


from Canada eh

HighInFiber was last seen:
Aug 22, 2012
    1. Frawg
      Hey, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor... Respond back as soon as possible :D
    2. batmon
      I am in! Where is you?
    3. Frawg
      I wouldn't know with the problems you're having >.>
      Maybe try asking in the Simple Request Thread?
    4. Frawg
      Aww man! That was one epic battle we had XD You never get the chance to post our battles up LOL
    5. Frawg
      Post our battle!
    6. MB1010
      sry abt tht i forgot that i made ur chatot sleep the first turns :s
    7. MB1010
      yo lets go NU next xD
    8. Ms. Denbo
      Ms. Denbo
      Sorry I missed you :( We can play tonight if you want :)
    9. JihadFTWW
      yea you can upload it, when you do link me it!
    10. JihadFTWW
      Good game, that was really closer than I thought it would be, what hidden power did your lead have?
    11. aBOSSnamedTZA
      lol yea u gave me a pretty good team. better luck next time. gg
      btw keep up ur videos. theyre great
    12. aBOSSnamedTZA

      69, 31, 4, 78, 102, 11
    13. aBOSSnamedTZA
      ok. i have 156 pokes. u?
    14. Frawg
      For me, intense battles take a lot out of me. (Sounding like an old man) Maybe sometime this week.
    15. Frawg
      You better put this battle on youtube lol.
    16. Frawg
    17. Deschain
      awesome. :)
    18. Deschain
      drop me the link here if you wouldn't mind!
    19. Deschain
      gg man! i completely forgot about Natural Cure. should have slept something else. i also forgot Tropius learned EQ, i thought you'd have SD/AA/Leaf Blade/Roost or something. i also shouldn't have sacrificed Veno so soon. he's real effective late game as a revenge killer, and if the opponent is weakened enough, a sweeper/cleaner-upper.

      i'll definitely hit you up if i see you online. i don't have Skype, and i don't use messengers much, but if you wanted to give me your cell number we could text for battles. i promise i'm not a creepy stalker on the internet. :toast:
    20. Deschain
      ah that sucks. ok. one more battle, NU, different teams.

      see you on. :)
    21. Deschain
      NOOOOOOOOOOO. that was a seriously great battle. i saw it lagging a couple times and was afraid this was going to happen. :( well i think i'm all battled out for tonight. it was good playing you. i've been away from Smogon for a while, but i intend to jump back in full force for BW next month. until then i show up every couple weeks to get my battle fix. ;) i enjoyed battling you and apologize again for my cobwebs, but i hope to battle you again soon. we're going to get that youtube battle for you!

      oh, and nice HP Grass. so glad i decided to scout with Hippo instead of going straight to Quagsire. that would have been devastating.
    22. Deschain
      gah, man, gg. i'm off my game tonight. misplays all over the place. =/ though this team is highly volatile and Venasaur is anathema to it. ;)

      ok, let's see if i can actually give you a good game this next time. meet you on for NU.
    23. Deschain
      let's go back to UU.

      then maybe an NU after that. ;)
    24. Deschain
      and that battle wasn't very good/exciting, i don't care if you upload a loss of mine, but i played really bad so i'd rather you waited to upload a good battle instead. ;)
    25. Deschain
      haha, damn dude. never faced your lead before and it really threw me off.then i misclicked on Quaggy, meant to Counter not HP. nice going keeping me completely off balance the whole fight.

      got any other UU or NU teams? i have several others if you want to switch up and go again.
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