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Dec 25, 2016
Nov 1, 2009
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Dec 25, 2016
    1. Codraroll
      Hmm... it would be 7:30 in Japan, which means 23:30 in Norway, which means... well, a little more than two and a half hour from now. Four and a half from when you wrote that message.

      Though, I don't think any announcements would come until the end of the show, and I don't know how long it lasts. Expect only the last five minutes to contain stuff worthy of interest.
    2. dice
      Why not
    3. kokoloko
    4. Raseri
      What do black men do after sex?

      15 years to life.
    5. Birkal
    6. Himanattsu
    7. /B/utterfree
      Apparently my suspicions of their Absol scheme being something similar to the Metang Incident have been dispelled. Thankfully, there's no conspiracy for me to mock.
    8. /B/utterfree
      It's an elaborate joke that apparently conjured some chaos.

      Also, the term "goon" is relative. It could just mean "minion" in a mobster sense, it could be short for "Protoss Dragoon," it could be the term used to describe an avid participant of the SomethingAwful community. These all have at least warped positive meanings for which I employ. I could compare Molk to the SomethingAwful community, and that would be a very positive meaning since SA is known for being awesome. I could be comparing Molk's friends to the Protoss Dragoons, which are the best SC1 unit ever (and some of them are also my friends). I could also just be comparing Molk to a mob boss, which under the litigative circumstances is only fitting because of the Metang Incident.
    9. Worldtour
      Mightyena can't learn Pursuit. He punches suckers though.
    10. Worldtour
      Shadow Tag Mightyena with Bite? I don't believe those yet exist sir.

      Maybe one day he'll join alongside Dunspalure
    11. Himanattsu
    12. ium
    13. alkinesthetase
      in the words of capefeather:

      [17:03:51] capefeather ELEEEEEECTIOOON HA!!!
      [17:03:51] capefeather ~SPARKLING BLUE BARACK OBAMA~
      [17:03:51] capefeather ~BURNING RED MITT ROMNEY~
    14. DittoCrow
    15. Zebraiken
    16. Molk
      Doesn't stop him from liking it ;-;
    17. bugmaniacbob
      I very much doubt that, unless your respective definitions of "colonise", "giant dragonfly", and "botanical garden" are very much removed from my own.
    18. Lavos
      typo, thanks for catching that man
    19. TM13IceBeam
    20. Rocket Grunt
      Rocket Grunt
      thanks man, i really appreciate it
      im still fucking around with the tank driver idea
      itll get cleaned up soon as i mess with it some more
      thanks again dude
    21. Aldaron
      All I can say is that at this specific point, Rain Offense, and by extension Rain, is broken. Whether or not the other weathers deserve to stay is a matter of how they perform in a resultant metagame. Since Rain is such a huge determining factor right now, it's hard for me to estimate how the other three will perform when it is gone. I will say that I don't view "weather" as one thing, I view all four separately, and I'll make judgments individually, not based on one overall concept of "weather."
    22. Espeon65
      ok, i guess...ill get rid of that part
    23. KoA
      Thanks for the comment!
    24. Scoopapa
      Physically Samurott has Swords Dance, Megahorn and Torrent over Azumarill, which is pretty significant. He also has 110 base Special Attack, although it rarely sees use in UU. Megahorn is huge, though, as it gives really good 2 move coverage with Waterfall (making it easy to run Aqua Jet and Waterfall on the same Swords Dance set) and it destroys solid Azumarill counters such as Slowbro and Tangrowth at +2. Even though Samurott's Water attacks don't hit as hard as Azumarill's (or Feralgatr, who is perhaps a better comparison), having a stronger coverage move to hit Grass- and Water-types and access to Swords Dance means that often it is much harder to wall. Samurott is also faster, which helps when sweeping.

      They each have their advantages, but Azumarill can't be said to outclass Samurott, as their differences tend to leave them playing very different offensive roles (sweeper vs. wallbreaker).
    25. Calad
      Thanks for your comment. Please show the support in the thread :)
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