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Apr 9, 2017
May 24, 2010
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Apr 9, 2017
    1. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      Battled you at Philly round 3.
    2. TheHungerSnorlax
    3. Unreality
      awesome meeting you!
    4. Human
      Turns out we're not on the same flight :(
      But I am getting to the airport at like 6 AM or something because my Dad has to leave to work so we need to get there really early. My flight would be at around 10 AM. I'll probably get to see you before you leave though.
    5. kamz
      you and cybertron should do top 2 at nats. that would be awesome
    6. PungentFruit

      Awesome hanging with you at Newark!
    7. Solace
      thanks!!! 2nd place is the best place ;D
    8. Human
      Some things to remember for us Senior Division people to do at Nats:
      Group Photo
      Multi-Battles (iss and I are the current champions)
      Have Aaron teach us TCG so we can try to win stuff
      Get an invite and Trip to Worlds

      How does that sound?
    9. cosmicexplorer
      Yeah, I'm really shy irl for some reason and I hate it. I'm not going to nats since I didn't get an invite (getting haxed out r4 ftw), and it's really really far away from me. D:

      Good luck, though!
    10. cosmicexplorer
      I was the kid in the green shirt, if you wondered why I was talking to Aaron. It was fun seeing you yesterday, even if I didn't introduce myself.
    11. kamz
      u comin to worlds
    12. Solace
      Good luck this weekend! When are you planning on getting there?
    13. Human
      Hey man! See you at Newark!
      Looking forward to talking to you more this time around, didn't know who you were at DC at first and seemed like you left quite soon after the senior division ended!
    14. Unreality
      congraaaatulations on your placing! good luck at newark!
    15. Rukario
      Yeah, I am! Btw, this is Rayad :) And how'd you become a duck?
    16. Rukario
      Hey Vincent! Congrats on second place, and your a Duck? O.o
    17. iss
      <Dimsun> lol hitmonrocker said he went to school with cybertron

      You go to Trinity?
    18. Pokethan
      Hey Vincent. Remember you have an idea for a team and want to test it lmk cuz that way only one person nows about it and we can bounce ideas off each other. Message me if you ever need anything. -Ethan
    19. dtrain
      No sorry I don't use AIM. And my wifi usually sucks but I can definitely play you on Pokemon Online. As for tcg you can try Time Warp Comics located in Cedar Grove:

      There are a few other stores in new jersey that have a pokemon league to practice/play against other tcg players in your age group at the pokemon website. I'm not particularly the best in the tcg, but if you have any questions let me know and I'll try my best to answer.
    20. Pokethan
      Hey Vincent. LMK when u wanna start comparing teams and testing and stuff
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    2009 VGC - Philly
    2009 VGC - Nationals/Worlds
    2010 VGC-Newark Regionals-Senior-Top 192


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