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May 24, 2009
Trophy Points:
    1. DetroitLolcat
      get yo ass on da po bro
    2. Blim
      need you on po, now, lol
    3. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      Oops, I was just signing off. Sorry. I can play now if you'd like.
    4. Ace Attorney
      Ace Attorney
      Anyway when do you wanna start with the tutoring?
    5. -Tsunami-
      kk fine by me :p
    6. -Tsunami-
      yo. I'm your opponent r1 for the RU tournament. I'm in GMT -6 so tell me when you want to battle :p
    7. Ace Attorney
      Ace Attorney
      No worries man enjoy your trip!
    8. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      im a john.
      I remember you saying you'd be busy for a couple days after. when will you be less busy? Unfortunately my schedule just got very chaotic and now that I'm slightly free-r, you're busier. >_>
    9. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      I've been summoned for things but I might be able to get on in a little over an hour or so if you'll still be on... sorry, I'm usually much more punctual than this :/
    10. Darkpenguin67
      If you need me I'll be here,irc, and on Pokemon online(SU) so just contact me when your ready.
    11. Darkpenguin67
      I'll see if I can catch you then.
    12. Ace Attorney
      Ace Attorney
      Aight perfect! Looking forward to learn from you :D
    13. Ace Attorney
      Ace Attorney
      Hello good sir, I was wondering if you could tutor me for Round 61 for Ubers? Heard you were really good at this tier :)
    14. Darkpenguin67
      Hey are you going to be able to battle today or tomorrow? the deadline is tomorrow.
    15. Orichalcos Owl
      Orichalcos Owl
      I'm GMT-5 and available at those same times. I'm actually working with a friend of mine to build some weird ADV teams we want to test in this tournament, so I can't play tonight. But I can play tomorrow! Name the time in the evening and I shall be there.
    16. Darkpenguin67
      Is there any specific time? Otherwise I'll try and catch you on.
    17. Bartman101
      Latest I can ever do is 8:30pm my time. (Posting this from 3DS). I'm off school for Easter hols, so I may be able to battle in the mornings, but no earlier than 9am my time (GMT+1).

      EDIT: Are you able to battle around 7-9am your time? Only suggesting this because I really don't see us getting this done otherwise.
    18. Bartman101
      Latest I can ever do is 8:30pm my time. (Posting this from 3DS). I'm off school for Easter hols, so I may be able to battle in the mornings, but no earlier than 9am my time (GMT+1).
    19. Darkpenguin67
      Hey looks like we got paired for the VGC tournament what time is good for you?
    20. Bartman101
      Ok. What times can you battle today and tomorrow?
    21. PoJ
      Hey, wanna finish our 1 or 2 remaining battles for the LC tourney? :o
    22. Bartman101
      Hmn, ok. Unsurprisingly, I'm also only available next weekend between the times of 4:00pm-8:30pm GMT, so I'm guessing you won't be able to do that either. As you are 'busy' this weekend, will just have to battle on Sat 31st or Sun 1st then.
    23. Bartman101
      Hello. We have to battle in HH tournament. I'm GMT. Not available to battle until Sunday. Usually available 4:00pm-8:30pm most weekdays.
    24. toshimelonhead
      Next week might work better then (have to watch my Badgers!). GMT -6 as well so that won't be an issue.
    25. toshimelonhead
      Yo we have to play for second chances. Since we're both on, do you want to do this right now?
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