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Apr 2, 2011
Sep 25, 2010
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Apr 2, 2011
    1. Omnipresent
      You too lol. You conserved what you needed to and brought your own kickass breloom when you needed to.

      I might have to change sone stuff around in order to make a kick ass team lol.
    2. Hotrod93
    3. BloodRose
      good game, im testing this team haha, havnt played in a while, dw you'll get really good your team is pretty well thought out, what was your last poke?
    4. lilman0992
      hey are you coming im online waiting
    5. Omnipresent
      GG bro, never had someone take my Ttar out so fuckin fast, I felt vulnerable after you did. Azelf went down fast too I thought "I gotta play way more strategic now". You're gonna be an excellent battler, a force to be reckoned with. Keep battling, you will dominate, I can see it.

      More leftovers is needed, life orb on starmie is needed. Conserve your most important pokemon. If you didn't take out ttar, starmie and gengar would get raped by ttar, dont use so many pursuit weak pokes on one team. Battle me tomorrow (today but later on in the day)
    6. Omnipresent
      It might be obv but I been drinking, does it mean Alice n wonderland? Great name if it is. Crazy fuckin movie if you're in to psychology.
    7. jb975
      ok im online see you there
    8. FrenzyB3ar
      thats was a real close battle, epic!!

      keep my fc, as we should have a rematch :)
      for a new OU player you did awesome
    9. Renosaur
      Hey, welcome to Smogon!
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    I use Legal Savd pokes. Ou tier very new to the game.
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