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Mar 14, 2011
Sep 27, 2008
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Icechamp11200 was last seen:
Mar 14, 2011
    1. EpicTurtle
      I know this is kinda late (REALLY LATE) but do you still have the Mewtwo and Groudon from Ray's giveaway and could you distribute them to me if you do =D
    2. Alexa888
      Hey, this is a bit of a weird question, but how did you generate your avatar?
    3. Mulligan
      Hey, sorry to keep bothering you, but if you're available I can get the Mewtwo and Groudon from you now.
    4. Mulligan
      Hey, if you still have the Mewtwo and Groudon from Rayquaza's giveaway I'm available now for trade if you are available. 4555 0464 8293 is my FC
    5. Mulligan
      Yeah, I don't have anything to do this weekend although my comp is STILL not working(have to use the one at our clubhouse here to get online). But, I can be on between 10am - 5pm EST on Saturday and 1pm - 5pm EST on Sunday. Is there a particular time when you are online? LMK.
    6. Mulligan
      If you're online, I can trade the Mewtwo and Groudon from Rayquaza's giveaway. I'll try to be on as long as I can
    7. Vadasza
      If you are online, could you trade me the Mewtwo and Groudon from Rayquaza's giveaway? This is the soonest I have been able to get on wifi.
    8. Mulligan
      'Sup. I see you are online. Are you able to trade over the Mewtwo and Groudon?
    9. Mulligan
      Yo. Just in case you didn't get my PM, I'm available for the next 10-15 min if your not busy and we can trade that Mewtwo and Groudon I won in Rayquaza's giveaway....if your not busy that is lol...
    10. Miria
      Okay.. I see =P Well don't bother anymore, I'll do it myself. ;)
    11. Miria
      I assume you've not finished Glameow?
    12. Miria
      Hehe I know your pain with RNGing. =] Recently got into it myself. I don't understand how I can sometimes hit an earlier frame than the supposed frame though. lol Later I understand if an NPC moves.. but earlier!?
    13. Miria
      Hello Icechamp, it's nearing a week now since you took up the breeding project for me, how is it going? lol
    14. Miria
      Great. ^^ Thank you!
    15. Miria
      Hehe alright, you saw what I asked and wrote last in your thread right? ^^ Regarding the little cat.. Keep me updated with how it goes please? =D
    16. Miria
      Hey there... have you had any chance to work on that Glameow for me ? =)
    17. 2fast2good
    18. 2fast2good
      my fc is 2321 7114 5073 give me yours
    19. 2fast2good
      hello, can you help me with the Purple Psycho Cat Giveaway?
    20. iSwordsman
      Hey, do you have time to distribute the pokemon from the Purple Psycho Cat Giveaway right now?
    21. Umbreon91
      Can you please trade me the three Pokémon from Ray's giveaway? Thank you...
    22. cocy965
      Hiya Ice Champ,
      Im going to be on wifi at 11 (EST),
      but not on the computer,
      Ill stay on for 10 minutes to trade.
      And if I see you I'll see you.

      Please trade me all of the pokemon as well from the giveaway that rayquaza had (Zapdos too).

      Thanks very much,
      and Ill trade you three filler max iv deoxys that I think are cheated but I got over the gts, so you never know,
      thanks a lot.

    23. Riski
      Hi. Thanks for getting back to me. Penpad was able to distribute both pokes an hour ago, so you don't need to bother. :-)
    24. Riski
      You must be away from the computer. I'll just give you my FC in case you're on line later and can do this for me. 3051 7477 9187

      I'm going to be back on line again at around 9 pm EST.
    25. Riski
      Hi. Are you available to distribute for the Purple Psycho cat giveaway?
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    The Poke~Mart Trade Thread
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