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May 19, 2016 at 5:34 PM
Aug 10, 2007
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she brings the rain

is an Artist
icepick was last seen:
May 19, 2016 at 5:34 PM
    1. Ace
      thanks for the drawing, secret santa! it's sick
      1. icepick
        thanks! fyi the first three panels were from my secret santa entry last year, when i was asked to draw illumise doing encore. when i saw your request i thought it would be funny to continue the comic
        Dec 22, 2015
    2. Nails
      oh yea your shaymin is lovely if i never told you that
    3. FORTUNE
      love your art :)
      1. icepick
        Oct 9, 2015
    4. justinjiaxinghu
    5. elcheeso
      Yo. Secret Santa is due in 18 hours, get your submission in!
    6. Zracknel
      icepick: the hero smogon needs and the hero smogon unnerves
    7. Kingler12345
      cc :c
      1. icepick
        FWD: fwd: RE: cc: fwd: CC: fwd: cc: cc: RE: cc: cc: RE: fwd: FWD
        Jan 24, 2014
      2. Kingler12345
        Jan 24, 2014
    8. DjGopher
      Where is your art thread?
      It was one of my favorite things about smogon.
      1. icepick
        I hope it's still there, I just haven't updated it in a long time
        Oct 6, 2013
      2. DjGopher
        Find all threads started by icepick:
        >> no results found

        Oct 7, 2013
      3. DjGopher
    9. Hollymon

      hello is this the right size now?
    10. Hollymon
      Okay thanks for your help, and I will try it later and I will check on photoshop if it is the right size as well
    11. Hollymon
      Well on photoshop I set the cAnvas size to 750 x 1050 and then did it all. I noticed it had changed the size for some reason so I edited it again. Then I went on imageshack and put it at the message board size 400 x 600 so somewhere it has changed again?
    12. Hollymon
      On the card project I don't think my card came out the right size so can you help me get it the right size? It is the 7 of heart flareon
    13. Exbo
      Yeah, the arms really do look kinda off (I just took a look at bulbapedia) but I really want to make it look like she's using Swords Dance, you know? Any thoughts on that? (Maybe as it is in-game with the blue swords around her?)

      Thanks for the rest anyway!
    14. Exbo
      Hey there, I had reserved the QC-Jumpluff a few days ago (in the card thread) and decided to get started... here is a really really rough draft. This is as good as my scanner could get it, sorry if it is too bright.

      Since I have never done art to be seen in public (know what I mean?) I'd like it if you could give me a few hints maybe?

      Btw I'm going to do it with colored pencils, then I'm just gonna scan it. I don't own a tablet and drawing digitally w/o one is really hard.

      EDIT: ignore the bottom right square, it's an idea I came up with but it didn't come out as good as the first one imo.
    15. Darkpie
      Wanna battle/trade name is jace friend code is 2538 3849 6329
    16. Harsha
      nah it's all good, thank you very much!!
    17. Harsha
      icepick, i'm a giant fan of your art - could i maybe use one of your drawings as an avatar? :)
    18. Particular1
      Sure, I think I did it right. :P

    19. Tortferngatr
      I hath made progress. Porygon itself is done, it's just the BG that needs work...
    20. Juicy Fruit
      Juicy Fruit
      slow progress, too many exams atm ;-;
    21. Lanturn314
      Oh, sorry about that! I'll have it done by the end of today or tomorrow :)
    22. Cheeno
      Sorry, i've been busy with work lately, but it's under the works/ I'll have it finished by friday. haha..
    23. RitterCat
      here but in wrong size, I browse mainly on my phone so I keep forgetting to resize it when I'm on my comp sorry
    24. Demist
      i think i'll give up on it. I have base and stuff done, but i don't like the way it is, as well as i barely have time to color it. I'm really sorry v.v
    25. defno16
      Working on it a little now and then! Is there a deadline I should know about? Sorry!
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