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Last Activity:
Jun 28, 2016
Jan 22, 2009
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from Canadaland

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Iconic was last seen:
Jun 28, 2016
    1. Jirachee
    2. Iris
      don't be scared of me. please.
    3. asbdsp
      Just letting you know that your av is quite hypotic. 0_0
    4. boudouche
      when do u wanna play? :o
      1. Iconic
        whenever u want, im free most of the time this week
        Feb 17, 2014
    5. undisputed
      haha im excited to try to play again. im most available on the weekends, so let's try to play then. if we're both online and available earlier, we can play then too. looking forward to it!
      1. Iconic
        sounds good, im free whenever its good for ya
        Feb 11, 2014
      2. Iconic
        yoyoyo what day is best for you?
        Feb 12, 2014
    6. autriastar
      Hi I'm looking for a mentor to help teach me on Pokemon showdown, I usually do OU if your free could you maybe help me out sometime, thanks!
    7. franky
      iconic, quite a man with compelling charm
      quick-witted nature with intentions of no harm
      even with a busy schedule, he graces my wall
      what a charismatic baller, a friend to us all
      1. Iconic
        lmao i love you my man
        how are things with you?
        Feb 5, 2014
      2. franky
        thancks bud, aren't you the bees knees! ma nigga, ma nigga

        haha ive been good man. trying to make the best of life atm. what brings you out of retirement?
        Feb 5, 2014
      3. Iconic
        i feel ya dawg. i just decided to play some DPP in spl as a break, i'm not really around at all.. i just log in and out to play some matches haha
        Feb 7, 2014
    8. PDC
      want to play for ost later tonight?
    9. Harsha
      cool sig dude B)
      1. Iconic
        thnks man , keep doing u
        Feb 2, 2014
      2. Harsha
        will do man ; ]
        Feb 2, 2014
    10. Iris
      nice cursetar loser
    11. HeIIraiser
      sry man, I used the mons you wanted to. :(
    12. Shame That
      Shame That
      so we're paired for once Upon a Team, when are you free to play? i'm gmt +11 and i'm up for most of the afternoon through to night in #pokemon if you wanna contact there
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Shame That
        Shame That
        alright sweet, internet should be fine by then, if i'm not there within half an hour of our time just consider it a loss on my part cause I'm busy every day after that :p
        Jan 16, 2014
      3. Shame That
        Shame That
        yeah ugh...we contacted iinet and it looks like the net will be down for another 4-5 days. could not be more unfortunate timing... please do take the by, once again sorry for the inconvenience.
        Jan 16, 2014
      4. Iconic
        alright well if u get it working again just let me know and we can play play play
        Jan 17, 2014
    13. fleurdyleurse
      omg you're back
    14. Atticus
      anchorman 2 fucking sucked, i'm so mad right now >:-(
      1. Iconic
        hahahahaha yeah dude the trailers make it look awful. the production value looks awful… whatever i'm still gonna go see it LOL
        Dec 19, 2013
    15. fleurdyleurse
    16. Iris
      ciele said you sucked. true story. lets kill em
    17. Mizuhime
      needs more grey badges imo
      1. Mizuhime
        also i just discovered you retired and now im sad, thank you for a good first season in the wcop, hopefully my future years will be just as good, bye boss :(
        Nov 4, 2013
    18. jumpluff
      bless you iconicutie and gl. krack's legacy will live on
    19. franky
      First Jackal, Krack, and now Iconic. The sad reality is that all the great Canadian legends have left a huge mark on smogon, both as great contributors and real down to earth characters. The real question is, can RODAN -- the next in-line to conquer the throne in which you firmly sat in for many years, have the capability to live up to your name?
    20. franky
      The first two letters of the eleventh month is the answer to that question. No, no one will ever reach the heights of the great Himalayan known as Iconic. Take care out there boss.
    21. Ezio
      :( boss
    22. bro fist
      bro fist
      gl w/ whatever you end up doin my man
    23. Jirachee
      will you be back for wcop :(
    24. McMeghan
      RIP friend
    25. FireMage
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    im me, i do me, and i chill


    Real Name:
    Ron Burgundy
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    My Characteristic:
    Sturdy body
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