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Jan 27, 2017
Jan 22, 2009
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from Canadaland

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Jan 27, 2017
    1. BaBa flirt
      BaBa flirt
      holyshit, whats wrong with u kid? Don't u have anything else to do than editing my posts. Stop acting like the law or something. Your just a lame kid. So dont touch my posts again or i am humilating you in all modes and post it to a threat. So shut ur tits next time u wimp.
      1. tab, Sayonara and Harsha like this.
    2. BaBa flirt
      BaBa flirt
      I post whatever i want. I did not insult him in any occasion so what do you want -__-
    3. lapras6666
      yeah but I would be eliminated the next round anyways but if you want we can play for fun, I can be there on friday
    4. SoulWind
      canadaland boss how is everything!! i clearly miss chatting some times with you ;(
      1. Iconic
        hey buddy, i'm doing pretty well! really busy lately but life is good. definitely looking forward to going back to school in a month. how've you been!!
        Jul 19, 2013
      2. SoulWind
        i'm p fine lately!! just enjoying summer here the most as i can and i have a lot of free time so i can do many things out there :)
        Jul 19, 2013
    5. lapras6666
      actually, I just got communicated that i'm gonna go on vacation for a very long time this sunday, so take the win.
    6. DEOXYS attack forme
      DEOXYS attack forme
      What happened to user cp? Is there a way I can access my old threads? I can't see them anymore.
    7. Robert.
      yo i got like 9 suspect votes (Garchomp, Genesect, Kyurem-B, Tornadus/Keldeo, Deoxys-D, Landorus, Moody Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause) do i have to sent you the link to the post for qualify for alumnus?
      1. Iconic
        yeah if you could pm them to me that'd be great
        Jul 15, 2013
    8. lapras6666
      hey we're supposed to play for the sequels are never good tourney. Until Friday i'm gonna be free during most of 6-midnight GMT +2, since it's summer. When do you want to play?
      1. Iconic
        i work during the week so i won't be home until you're asleep so maybe we can play saturday
        Jul 16, 2013
    9. Vinc2612
      I am the one who thanks you, I have always wanted to host a big tournament :)
      Thanks, I'll let you know if I have any question.
    10. Malekith
      Hey Iconic; Im on vacation and I cant post in the voting thread, you are a council member so I guess if I tell you my vote you could post it for me. Im voting Landorus-i: Uber. If you cant do it for me I wont be able to vote so please try it ^^.

      Thanks and Greetings!
      1. Iconic
        you got it boss
        Jul 11, 2013
    11. ShootingStarmie
    12. felixmartin
      Iconic still plays pokemon :D
    13. Squirrel.
      Nah man dont worry about it. We will get our match done before the deadline. Anytime during the week or late at night w/e works.
    14. Tamahome
      hey we have to play for powc finals, when can you do it?
    15. Alexander.
      he's pretty lazy and he hasn't irc etc. just vm me when you can battle and you'll play. i think that he can play in about 2 hours. let me know
    16. Alexander.
      hey bro, i just subbed in dave italia for neliel. do you want to battle him today?
    17. McMeghan
      pls sub atticus asap :|
    18. Jirachee
      don't get subbed man :(
    19. DawnBringer
      nigga it's me, message me homez
    20. Private
      k, i'm waiting :v
    21. Private
      i'm here, go on pokemonexpert (grotto doesn't work) ?
    22. Private
      yo, we're opponent for the upl, what's your avaibility man ? (maybe can we play now ?)
    23. BKC
      yo im ready with my team n shit so whenever youre up for it we can Play!
    24. reiku
      helo dude, we have to play for the malekith's tournament so when can u play, im gmt +2 i think atm (spain) u can find me on irc #wcop #spain see ya :)!
    25. Honor
      Hi I'm ABR, your oppo for the powc, when can you play? btw you can find me on irc #JoeTD or in the main server on po as Back Burner.
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