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Sep 12, 2014
Apr 18, 2011
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Improbable was last seen:
Sep 12, 2014
    1. Gary2346
      Good thing you're not on ATM I forgot I had to study for a huge math test tomorrow. If you can battle same time tomorrow (8 PM) then that'd be great.
      1. Improbable
        damn, ok 8pm tomorrow then
        Jan 26, 2014
      2. Gary2346
        Jan 27, 2014
    2. Gary2346
      How is this Sunday at 8:00 PM? I'll be on PS in the Overused chat around that time. Just message me when you see me and we can maybe go to another server if it's really laggy.
    3. Gary2346
      Hey man do you mind if we battle Wednesday now? I've been very sick these past few days and will probably continue to be until at least then, and it would nice not to battle when I'm half out of it lol.
    4. Gary2346
      Alright so I'm gonna be busy as hell this weekend so how does this Tuesday sound? I have the same timezone as you btw and I'm available around the same time as well.
    5. dragonuser
    6. Mazz
    7. Mazz
      First of many :]
    8. Chieliee
      You still have to do your 3-mon tournament match. You have 7 more days, i recommend that you don't wait till the last day to get it done. I won't hesitate to give activity wins/coinflips
    9. Alf'
      Tell me what time you're able to play this week-end.
    10. Alf'
      Let's do this Wednesday then
    11. Thatsjustpeachy
      Has to be during the weekend at the earliest, I'm very busy during finals week
    12. Alf'
      I'm GMT+1 so we can play between 9pm and 11pm my time (3pm-5pm for you). Today works with me.
    13. Chieliee
      Your opponent in the 3-mon tourney has been changed from Roie to darkloic; i made a mistake when checking for activity n stuff
    14. Brap
      Sorry I got held up, I messaged you on Showdown. I'm on as Brap
    15. Brap
      Oh good. I'll be on Showdown in 10 mins.
    16. Brap
      Hey, I still haven't seen you between 3pm-4pm your time (8-9pm my time), which is the only time we can meet, I think.
    17. Brap
      Well, I haven't seen you around at those times. I'm ready to battle now and for an hour or 2 after now.

      I should be able to battle 8pm my time (3pm yours) tomorrow and most of the week.
    18. Brap
      Hello, I'm Brap from England (GMT). We have to battle in R2 of 3 Pokemon. When can you battle?
    19. Blim
      We have to battle for the OU Mini-Tournament #2, when can you play? am gmt-6.
    20. dragonuser
      haha thanks bud
    21. Vinc2612
      Ok, see you tomorrow
    22. Vinc2612
      Hi !
      I am your new tutor. Can you come on IRC today ? I'll be on the channels #Pokemon and #Benelux at least until 3pm east.
    23. Mazz
      Sure. I've got a team I need to test a bit, as its been on paper for the last month, but sure. Sometime, we should.

      and thanks.
    24. AndViet
      Really? well welcome back, I can't tell because I never come on!

      Hope everything is well Improbable.
    25. AndViet
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