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Jul 11, 2014 at 8:27 PM
May 23, 2012
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Left Hand Free Jul 7, 2014 at 8:25 PM

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Engaged in conversation, Jul 11, 2014 at 8:27 PM
    1. Majestic Electric
      Majestic Electric
      Shadow Tag Gothitelle was released?! :O Well, I haven't tested it yet. Doing this week's research group and using Magmar, though.

      And lucky you! ^_^ Having fun?
    2. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      In July 5 Japan announced a Shadow Tag Gothorita. I'm with a set in my head

      Gothitelle @Choice Scarf
      Shadow Tag
      EVs according to the metagame it may become

      - Trick
      - Psychic / Psyshock
      - Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse / Signal Beam / HP Fighting
      - Calm Mind / Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse / Signal Beam / HP Fighting

      That works with Darkrai in Ubers, so in NU with something with Shadow Tag may work. Basically, Trick the scarf is a wall or in something that can't hurt you, CM till +6, and then sweep.

      This set has flaws, but I'm willing to test it once Smogon accepts it!!!
    3. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      We all have to enjoy while Amoonguss is NU!

      But ST Gothitelle was released, so it may be a replacement.

      Congrats on top 20!
    4. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      I'm now 40 in NU ladder.

      Stall still wrecks my team...
    5. Don Honchkrorleone
      Don Honchkrorleone
      Hey, Incon! It's Ron Damón!
    6. LucaroarkZ
      I can do it now. I'll be on Showdown, or PO if you would rather.
    7. LucaroarkZ
      Hey, when can you battle for the Neverused Mini-tournament? I'm GMT -8 but I'm attending Comic-Con for the next four days so I can't battle too early.
    8. Furai
      oh yessssssss
    9. Sweet Jesus
      Sweet Jesus
      Say what ? Ps itself says the ladder is kinda broken atm but your still number 5 ! (and I'm number 6) congrats and keep it up! It'll be reset soon though
    10. pokebasket
      well, ok, i'll try to be at these hours, but tomorrow i don't know if i'll be able
    11. pokebasket
      he, we have to battle for the Yin Yang tourney
      tell me when can you play

      i am GMT +1
    12. -Manu-
      Hum let's go this now if is possible for you I'm on french time server PO
    13. -Manu-
      yes it's ru Friday it's possible play for you ?
    14. lars
      Thanks. I'm just glad we have interested and enthusiastic people like you that can help our community grow.
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