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May 28, 2015
Mar 2, 2013
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Nov 15, 1996 (Age: 18)


18, from Kanto

Will be back Tuesday, making Team tomorrow though May 25, 2015

InsaneDragoniteHD was last seen:
May 28, 2015
    1. Magcargo
    2. Touymato
      I see right there.
    3. Magcargo
      Magcargo evolves into skarmory silly.
    4. Touymato
      That's because you're competitive, meanwhile, I'm somewhat borderline.
      I personally don't care about post count.
    5. Touymato
      No, I haven't. Sorry. ;(
    6. Touymato
      Um, yeah, I did.
      Which ones? ;S
    7. JCM.
      I'm kind of busy now LOL
    8. JCM.
      Yo yo yo don't worry. He's an adult he gets over these easily.
    9. JCM.
      Ok I'll make this clearer, stop bugging WhiteD and I we both had bad days. Feel free to ask me any question starting from tomorrow though.
    10. JCM.
      Zeb is a mod it's his job, he's one of the nicest guys from NU.
    11. JCM.
      He's a very good friend of mine.
    12. JCM.
      You're the one being excessively rude for absolutely no reason.
    13. JCM.
      He gets a bit annoyed because he has stuff going on in his life, and anyways I don't give a damn if you leave I don't even know what you want. You're the one that has been snarky to WhiteDMist, and when I said he won't be your tutor it's because he isn't in Battling 101. Quit overreacting.
    14. InsaneDragoniteHD
      I think the rude people will end up making me leave.
    15. Shuckleking87
      Good! Well, on the nu forum, there is a challenge to make a team with all pokes in nu except those from 5th gen. I made my team already, but we can make a joint team and see if it can work out
    16. InsaneDragoniteHD
      WHy are the people so rude here ?
    17. JCM.
      He won't be your battle tutor...
    18. Governess
      Hihi :) How's it going?
    19. scorpdestroyer
      Sorry if I offended you :/

      I hope you improve very soon :)
    20. ChaosABliss
    21. InsaneDragoniteHD
      Maybe I is annoying on here.
    22. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Well, I don't known much about IRC, because I don't use it. So I can't help you there.
    23. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Just keep trying! You've got knowledge about things most new/re-entering players to the meta don't. You have a grasp on how types work together, and how you have to cover certain weaknesses with your movesets, and more. I'm sure you can get it if you keep trying.

      Be Positive! There is a whole community of people here to help, including me. I can help you as much as you need me. You know where to find me, so message me on here or go to orivexes server and find me. I can always give advice if you need it, and I'm aure others like WhiteDmist and ShuckleKing87 can help, too. Don't give up!
    24. InsaneDragoniteHD
    25. Harbinger of Peace
      Harbinger of Peace
      Not really, WhiteDmist personally talked to you about your team, giving you plentiful advice. There isn't too much of a reason to keep it open, because anything else that someone said would be something that has already been said.
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    Die Philosophen haben die Welt nur verschieden interpretiert; es kommt darauf an sie zu verändern.-Karl Marx


    Nov 15, 1996 (Age: 18)
    Real Name:
    Become a great friend and I will tell you
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    Well, how do I begin this ? Guess I should just start with who I actually am.

    Welcome to my page ! I am InsaneDragoniteHD, a competitive NU battler looking to get better on Smogon in general. I do accept NU matches or whatever you want. I do also have a youtube account, which is convientently the same name as my Smogon and Serebii username..lol XD

    I am a good NU player :p

    So welcome to my page..lol xD
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