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Jan 29, 2017
Dec 31, 2009
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inumika was last seen:
Jan 29, 2017
    1. -JGrey-
      sorry, the other guy ressponded but we can still play if you want
    2. Away
      Thanks, and you're a great battler too. :)
    3. Away
      Yea, that was very fun! One of my more thrilling matches for sure.
    4. Away
      Great battle :)
      That whole time I was thinking "Come on.. If I can just kill Salamence, Heracross can finish everything else with Mega Horn D:" Things didn't work out that way, though, lol.
    5. dehku
      not a fan of stall play myself, i feel your pain xD
    6. dehku
      umm i wasnt going to reflect, i was going to explode. and then power whip you. but whatever. i didn't d/c, i never do. =/
    7. dehku
      Wow dude I probably could have outsped and killed Kingdra with one of my guys still so chill. I was about to explode on the sub anyways and it was done the next turn.

      It happens to me from time to time, the random d/c's that is. Whatever.
    8. dehku
      LOL, why would I quit? That was definately a connection error, we can try again if you like.
    9. Joel
      Sorry for the very late responce. GG, indeed. I would ave let the last, I'm guessing three turns, play out, knowing I was going to lose, but I had to go.
    10. Curtains
      sorry i have something to do
    11. mead1ey
      ha ha good game mate
    12. mead1ey
      well im on now
    13. mead1ey
      really I think the smogon clock is a bit faster
    14. mead1ey
      i'm on now
    15. mead1ey
      i'm coming don't leave
    16. MN Trainer
    17. MN Trainer
      MN Trainer
      Hey do you by any chance iv abuse RNG shinies?
    18. MN Trainer
      MN Trainer
      Lol why didn't you just set up instead of roosting?
    19. thedude
      lolz on the win. you had it but i haxed it out in the end
    20. thedude
      awesome nu team dude
    21. Biolizard
      Crit on the Empoleon totally cost me, plus getting minimum damage with Grass knot sucked as well. GG
    22. SRT-4
      lol thanks for doing the calculations....yea thats what i thought, it could atleast survived one aqua jet...ohwell gg anyway...
    23. SRT-4
      i was actually afraid to send it out since your using a rain dance team...
    24. SRT-4
      gg dude...that crit on gengar really hurts...might me a little different if it survived...
    25. BlakBlastoise
      No, not really. You crit my poor umbreon before it got a chance to sweep you T_T
      but yeah, that helps. You should really check your stuff, not everyone is as lenient as i am.
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    Standard Rules Apply, And I use LEGAL hacks.
    Platnuim FC: 3223 6926 0437[ect.]
    SoulSilver FC: 3352 5927 0664[battles]

    Got time? PM me for a battle ! I do OU, UU , And NU
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