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Nov 28, 2015 at 11:58 PM
Mar 19, 2010
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September 24


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My Internet is better again for now at least. Sep 16, 2015

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    1. Geodude6
    2. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      hmmm... is your country the one with raining spiders?
    3. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      CoT is not mentioned in the updated category of Adds, though I probably shouldn't have called them adds.
    4. Haradion
      Sorry, I missed that Post. Thanks for the Approval.
    5. Frosty

      I fixed Foul Play (was just a typo, the UC was spent correctly) and Colosshale's accuracy and SpD.

      Regarding Sketch, from DAT, op:

      "If Smeargle has at least one instance of the move Sketch in its movepool, it can use Sketch in-battle to permanently replace one instance of Sketch with the last move performed by the target Pokemon."

      "Smeargle may also spend 2 MC to Sketch any move known by its trainer's other Pokemon. Smeargle must have at least one instance of Sketch in its movepool to do so, and that instance of Sketch is permanently replaced by the chosen move."


      Sketch is an Egg move for this CAP line, but staying true to concept, they can only get Sketch ONCE. Like Smeargle, they can Sketch a move known by one of the trainer's other Pokemon for 2 MC, however if they relearn Sketch, they must forfeit the Sketched move".

      The way I see it, you can use sketch in battle to get any move, or you can spend 2MC to sketch any move you already have outside a battle. Or else the second paragraph wouldn't make any sense (why would I have to pay 2MC for a move I have and not for other moves?).
    6. Maxim
      Just so you know, I probably won't be able to ref tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow. I will ref your Battle Hall tomorrow if I have time, but I probably won't have any time. I will definitely ref on Friday though. Please forgive the delay. :/
    7. Complications
      ...yeah sorry about that link. I guess I c/p'd the wrong link... Regardless, I poste a link to the battle I actually completed
    8. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      try "vein" instead of "vain" in your counterfarming op
    9. Maxim
      All right, I'll hopefully do that today, but I'm having a bit of trouble. Metagross. You see, if I put on the Glyph of Meteor Mash, then we don't have Reflect on the whole team, but with the Glyph of Reflect, Meta's Meteor Mash is somewhat unreliable. So far I have two solutions...

      1. Switch somebody out for Blissey, this will give us less offensive presence but will allow for more support overall.
      2. Teach Metagross Gravity, my only concern here is whether you're bringing anything weak to EQ because it will HURT if say Lucario gets threat.

      So uh, which plan do you think would work best? At the moment I'm thinking 2 but I'd like your opinion.
    10. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      I probably won't take the badge then because it's a kind of silly precedent >_>
    11. Arcanite
      Sorry IAR, Done now!
    12. Glacier Knight
      Glacier Knight
      Sorry, I had forgotten that sub. It activates, so I will edit it. Sorry v_v
    13. Faylion
      I can appreciate that, but don't call me lazy. I took the time I was out to handle ref duty since it was a quick thing so they didn't have to wait. You could easily see from the last calc and any others I do are detailed and I pride myself on them. Thanks for the approval.
    14. Faylion
      is my one last uc approved?
    15. Arcanite
    16. Gerard
      Ok, I changed my Togekiss :3
    17. sandshrewz
      Thanks IAR :D!
    18. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      I completely agree with the second part regarding the command; I was just confused about why the choice wasn't there as, from a cursory glance at the group and the discussion thread, I was the only one that made it explicit that having cartridge Levitate Pokemon automatically have the command made no sense.

      I still don't agree with leaving the Levitate command on anime Pokemon in the same ballot as giving them the ability, though. The argument that "the ability can be stripped" in no way justifies giving them the command automatically (this is more of a vote argument but I'll just leave it here). The vote for the command is imo completely dependent on the ability, though; I'm not sure if anybody else has this issue but if I'm forced to choose one without knowing the other I'll have made an uninformed, possibly opposite choice to what I would've chosen had I known.
    19. Gerard
      Yeah, I'll be using Gallade in it's place, also with Expert Belt (will edit soon)
    20. danmantincan
      Done and done.
    21. Deck Knight
    22. Texas Cloverleaf
    23. Engineer Pikachu
      Engineer Pikachu
      There's an issue with that? The proposal should always be something moving away from the status quo, which is "Levitate is Trait." Then keeping the status quo, also rejecting the proposal, is a no vote.
    24. Engineer Pikachu
    25. The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      Bonemerang's listed as a manga move.
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