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Aug 31, 2015 at 2:26 AM
Mar 19, 2010
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Help ppl with CC and mods are impersonating me even users I have never talked to... -.-' Mar 31, 2015

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Viewing forum list, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:26 AM
    1. Frosty
      Erm, regarding your last approval (or lack of it), can you please get the other approvers on line and decide on one ruling? I rounded it up based on this precendent. Which was repeated when I claimed here, here, here, here and here. And they were all approved here, here, here, here, here and here.

      If your ruling is the correct one, this means that I got 3.5UC for free and I don't want them (which means that I will deduct them from the amount I'll reclaim). Since the claim is invalid due to the recent changes in Embirch (doesn't learn Earth Power anymore), I will have to repost it anyway. But I really don't want to rerepost it because another approver diapproved my claim based on other ruling. So can you please get one single official ruling regarding that and let me know? Thanks in advance.
    2. Faylion
      ty, but how do I get approved.
    3. Maxim
      Go ahead and get a subref, I think I need to drop all the matches I'm reffing, since it's become painfully clear I'm not going to be reffing on time for a while.
    4. zarator
      However this means that how long confusion lasts depends on whether the Pokemon acted before or after the Confusion inducer, which is kinda against how Confusion always worked in-game... And tbh to how I always saw it reffed.
    5. TIO
      No, s/he has not sent me a team.
    6. AOPSUser
      I'm interested in reffing the final round.
    7. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      I'm down to ref if you want me to, if not that's cool though.
    8. Frosty
      Understood. Don't sweat over it. I'll wait.
    9. Box
      Sorry! Thanks for approval.
    10. kingofburgerz
      I'm just gonna stockpile for now, Thanks for looking at my post so soon!
    11. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      You know, I was just reading over the OP of the Scramble Challenge and came across the small mention of Treadshot's MEP and your Flapper.

      I figure that my "Random" challenge should be mentioned as well since it's my signature challenge because of how active I am in the Scramble Thread. It's just a small thing, but it's also a small "pride" thing as well. If you disagree, well, you disagree. It won't bother me much.

      Either way, thanks for the time you took to read this and make a verdict ^_^
    12. drunk ¬_¬
      drunk ¬_¬
      Hey, I made the changes you told me to on my CAP ASB reservation. Could you check it out?
    13. Maxim
      Don't worry about it, I'll get to it tomorrow when I have some free time.
    14. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      Aw, makes strata less boos ahead. Doesn't really affect me much though, edited
    15. Athenodoros
      No, that's cool. Off you go.
    16. danmantincan
      Oh oops. I thought it was a pull the lever then battle then move on kinda deal. I guess that's what happens when I order as I wake up after drinking the night before. Fixed.
    17. waterwarrior
      Can I initiate a capture phase against Jolteon now or do I have to wait until I order first?
      Also, giving that thing HP Grass AND Magnet Rise was mean ;~;
    18. Chastin
      All right, done with the changes.
    19. deadfox081
      Yes, I did forget abot that. I'll fix it when I get home. Also adding up from veekun is far too much effort haha
    20. deadfox081
      Question, is there some kind of a resource you use to find the total moves that your ASB mons are capable of learning? Or do you just add them up manually from one of the various database sites?
    21. Gerard
      Sorry for the wait, but I've fixed everything now :3
    22. MrcRanger97
      I would suggest seeking a sub-ref, as I can only access smogon from my phone atm.
    23. AOPSUser
      It's Leethoof's turn to post.
    24. MrcRanger97
      I have not yet. Will prod him.
    25. Sprocket
      If its any consolation, my next scramble after this Black 2 run, I'll give you an auto-reservation to be as devilish as you desire.
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