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  • oh my god, i completely forgot about that after the hiatus

    i cant ref tonight (Model UN paper due at midnight -_-), but i swear i will get it tomorrow

    im so sorry, completely my fault
    Apologies about that... I searched all the resources and found no evidence of it. Yeah I recall writing about it, but it must be something I never eventually implemented (especially since there would be balance issues with other glyphs)
    If I am reffing you in ASB & you want your match reffed, I am busy studying for my final exam tomorrow. I should start reffing again by tomorrow. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.
    ... Thanks, but do you have to go announce it to all of #asb? It's not exactly forum-shaking news...
    The challenger gets KOC for KOing Lucy's mon (but not the prize), but in the need it counts as a victory for Lucy.
    sorry about that. He did a couple days ago. I just didn't have the time to post the thread.

    Will do so tonight in about 12h.
    Regarding your scramble, what happens if the Zubat eats the berry? I assume it is allowed to stay, but i wish to check.
    Im fine as it was with klutz just getting disabled (ive editted my post to reflect this)
    I'll be making an announcement on the Scramble thread tonight. Going to PM you the info in about an hour, so you can approve it beforehand.
    Sorry! I have just been feeling really unmotivated to reffing it because of how much I disagree with it, haha. I'm going to ref it today regardless; you can change your actions back if you like.
    Hola~ I have a request; If you could unlock this thread, I would be very grateful! AOPsUser is challenging MC again, and I'd rather not make a new thread. Thanks a lot :)
    Sorry about that little mess up! Probably should have waited to claim until the morning, when I was awake and not brain dead, but I was eager to Max truffles out. Haha thanks~
    Well if you need to be pedantic about it then I'll just choose Hidden Power, since that is "up to three moves"
    Imprison is a self targeted move that prevents opponents from using any of 3 moves that the user knows. Whether any or all opponents know the moves in question isn't important. Regardless it is only Hidden Power which I am concerned with and the other moves are just filler
    Uh...okay, can you give me the base stats for Glalie? I think the stats are supposed to be 3/3/4/3/69...but now you're saying Glalie has an attack stat of 3 with Impish Moody?
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