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Sep 3, 2014
Aug 23, 2007
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Jan 26, 1993 (Age: 21)



is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus
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Sep 3, 2014
    1. Jubilee
      Hey Itsuki, can you CMT for the Sassy Spiritomb you caught please?
      I finally got that Mild 31/31/31/30/30/31 Power Whip Saur of your intrested :)
    2. muffinhead
      OH yeah, like when they turn in a circle. k thanks, might rng for a houndour tomorrow :D
    3. muffinhead
      okay i get it. you use the vs seeker, battle them, THEN save? and when you turn it back on, they will be still? that makes sense...
      btw love your avatar, i was going to change mine to that for a little bit but i love muffins too much
    4. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      yeah my fc is 1334-0691-9209. yours?
    5. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      yeah il take that i need one
    6. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      what about vaporeon?
    7. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      what are the natures of syberia and lexite's swampert?
    8. firestorm xl
      firestorm xl
      i have an event regigigas
    9. muffinhead
      Oh, right hahhaha I'm dumb. You caught bronzor in a cave right? What happens if you can't get an NPC to rematch you? I'm goin to rng for wild pokemon tomorrow and I don't quite understand how to get NPCs to not screw with you
    10. Human
      Well, I am not looking for anything specifically, if you can help me with LC Battling skills, such as some tips for team building for LC and similar things, seeing you actually have experience in LC, I would like to start playing LC, but I have no clue how to play it.
    11. Human
      I finished the LC Dratini BP, it has the standard EVs and I even PP Maxed the moveset! So that is one epic Dratini! Tell me what you would like the rights to be on it and when you are available to receive it.
    12. Badal
      gg tfp
      I hate misclicks ><
    13. Badal
      Use my platinum FC
      whats yours?
    14. Badal
      in GMT+5.5:
      4:40PM till around 10:30 PM (On weekdays)

      11:20AM till around 11:30 PM (on weekends)
    15. Badal
      Around now
    16. acid_paradox
      Thanks for the CMT but I don't see anything I need/want. Good luck trading :)
    17. ZaChAttAcK101
      Ahhh okay. Thanks for taking time to read my post. I'll just continue my search for one =D. Have a nice day~
    18. ZaChAttAcK101
      Hey Itsuki. I was wondering if there was any EV training I could do for your Adamant Spiritomb? A Fellow smogoner recommended that I come to you in particular for the Spiritomb and since I was having a rough time trying to find somebody with one to use for my new UU/NU team, I remembered being recommended to ask about one from you. So I was just wondering if there were any pokes you need EV'ed for a copy of your adamant Spiritomb?
    19. Badal
      Thats like 6 AM for me.. when I'm getting ready for school..
      How about sometime in the morning for you?
    20. Badal
      How about the last time you VM'ed me :|
    21. Badal
      Hey! Sorry I went out of town... so umm when can we battle?
    22. nevada11
      Yer, who's the gorgeous woman on your avatar?
    23. for54years
      sweet! platinum, please, and thanks in advance!
    24. Supe
      Thank you very much for the trade!! =)
    25. Supe
      Yes, that was the trade. Which version of it would you like? I have the UT Beldum, Lead Metagross, and Agiligross. I'd like the Houndour UT if possible please.
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