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Sep 3, 2014
Aug 23, 2007
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Jan 26, 1993 (Age: 21)



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Sep 3, 2014
    1. SparkTEHfuze
      Ya, it can save a lot of heartache down the road :3
    2. SparkTEHfuze
      Hey, I didn't wanna post this in the Discuss thread (incase it didn't belong) but I felt like I should tell you :P
      If you know how to hit high delays, it's possible to hit the same seed at a different delay, meaning it's more than likely that you won't have to do those ~1900 page flips.
      To do it, open up RNGReporter and click the Seed Finder button and do an open search.
      Hope this helps :3 (... Unless you already knew it xD)
    3. for54years
      ...guess you're busy
    4. for54years
      Hi there. Would you like to do our trade now?
    5. Human
      Okay then, I am going to start soon. Should finish it by the end of the day.
    6. Human
      Okay then, would you like it to hatch shiny in your game or I should just trade you the Shiny Version?
    7. Human
      I am going to breed the LC Dratini soon. If there is a specific gender or nickname you want tell me within the next 30 minutes because at that point I'll begin to RNG it. Also is there any special attack IV you want to make it different than other Dratini?

      By the way I am going to try to EV train it as well because I would love to try EV Training LC Pokemon. I'll clone the egg and the UT version though so I can not mess up.
    8. trader
      Ok,thanks for looking.
    9. trader
      I recently updated my thread,so please CMT for LC Buizel,Eevee,and Stunky
    10. Badal
      That was a liitttle bit late :(
    11. Timeneon
      neh i'm okay with the wait anyways can you clone? cause if you can't than i'll vm u again for the trade okay with you :)?
    12. Human
      Oh, perfect then! Yeah, I'll see you on Wifi.
    13. Human
      I just need the female, I am using my fully redis Extreme Speed Dratini as a parent. I just need a random female one to get Outrage on. I already have my male Dratini ready.
    14. Human
      Do you have a random female Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite? I want to breed Outrage onto this Dratini and seeing it is a level up move I can do that, it will make it easier than move tutoring it and why not try getting every move the BP Pokemon might need?
    15. Human
      My cousin was visiting from Israel for the last three weeks, two days ago he left and that entire week we had to do things we procrastinated until the last week. So now I can finally begin it. I need to Rare Candy my Dratini quickly to teach it DD. I'll get the Dratini done within the next 3 hours unless I am really off when it comes to RNG'ing now.
    16. Badal
      When do we battle for 3rd place for CC?
    17. Faladran
      Hi there, sorry to bother you. Would it be alright if we completed our pending trade from a while back? It was HCZ's Heracross for Replay's Kingdra.
    18. Ferrouswheel
    19. Ferrouswheel
      What's you're FC?
    20. Ferrouswheel
      Sure, I could battle now. I'm using my Pt FC.
    21. Ferrouswheel
      Alright, I'm sorry, I've been without internet for a bit over a week, I'm ready to play whenever we're both online.
    22. Frawg
      can't trade right now. maybe later tonight.
    23. Frawg
      That's fine.
    24. Timeneon
      hi :)
      CMT for
      StormFTW's Rampardos
      DarkChaos (HCZ)'s Slowbro
      Thank you for your time :3
    25. Snorlaxe
      LEAH DIZON <33333333

      so hot...
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