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Feb 16, 2013
Sep 11, 2009
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    1. Philip7086
      Tutoring signups open randomly when the queue starts to diminish. The three weeks has to do with the suggested length of a tutoring session, but tutors are allowed to go over or under depending on how much work they think they need with their tutees. Signups usually only remain open for less than a day, due to the popularity of the program. Usually we see 50+ people sign up in that amount of time! I know it sounds tough to get into, but it's really the only way we can do signups without being unfair to different timezones. Good luck getting in, and until then, feel free to read my "Phil's Protips" articles in The Smog. I decided to start that column to help users like yourself who were interested in joining the program but were having a tough time getting in. See ya.
    2. Wolfey
      sorry for not responding, for uber Ill have a mewtwo, in OU ill take a salamence, in UU ill take a shiny milotic, and in NU ill have an entei. And you also said you could make the tital banner for free?
    3. Wolfey
      ok, in the Ubers Banner I would like a mewtwo doing some kind of a cool attack, In the OU banner I would like to see a Zapdos and a shiny metagross fighting, in the UU banner I would Like to see a venasaur, in the NU banner an Entei. and you said youd make the tittle for free?
    4. Wolfey
      really! thanks! that would be awesome!
    5. Wolfey
      I can tell you what they should say and what pokemon I want on them if thats what you mean
    6. Wolfey
      Yes I do, but could it be a pokemon for every banner? they dont need to be very fancy banners...
    7. Wolfey
      what are you looking for? see anything on my trade thread? How much do you charge?
    8. Wolfey
      hey, I saw you made raythekip some awesome banners, think you could make me some?
    9. RayquazaTheKip
      DAMN!! Epicness Thanks alot Jahz!
    10. Jio
      Hmm well i can at least trade you the Beldum, but I only have one copy of the Smoochum. My friend has my AR and I dont get it back until monday. So use this FC: 0217-3825-3801 and meet me online. This is for Dragonite08's beldum right?
    11. RayquazaTheKip
      Banners? Oh yeah lol
    12. ankyfdarkness
      When you are ready to trade please use my plat FC. Congratulations on winning!:)
    13. RayquazaTheKip
      Yup really fair deal
    14. RayquazaTheKip
      Credits are what you can use to obtain Pokemon. Some Pokemon are different credits. All of mine now are 1 credit so 10 Pokemon for you
    15. RayquazaTheKip
      Yeah this saturday I will okay? Also I have already asked for it May you please do this for credits? 10 exactly?
    16. blackluffy
      I aint been on in awhile.Have you gotten it yet
    17. Jio
      Hmm well if I get home early enough it will be around 2:50 EST. If that doesn't work out I can try to wake up early tomorrow morning, I can log onto Smogon via my Wii. Any of those times good?
    18. Jio
      Eastern Standard so its 12:45 for me right now.
    19. Jio
      I'm distributing the Beldum yes, but I'm in school right now. My school has Wifi, but I need a password apparantly. I'll meet you back around 4:00 I promise this time.
    20. Jio
      Are you coming?
    21. Jio
      Use my Platinum one
    22. Jio
      Oh hey I can hand you the Riolu now
    23. blackluffy
    24. RayquazaTheKip
      Yeah I saw them and ask someone like a distributor check the topic on page 2 for a list of them Example of one: Krono/blackluffy
    25. Jio
      Well I can't trade now since I'm in school. I'll VM you again around 4:30
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