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  • no I wasn't as I am not a mod, but maybe they were deleted for a higher purpose?
    Not to be a grumpy grover and completely miss the joke, but on the off chance that you are a serious poster and not a troll (which I doubt), I suggest you lurk some more before you post so you can get a better idea of how things work around here.
    Don't let those moderators get you down! I am anxious to learn more about the every day struggles of the infamous James Burns! How did you manage to brave it out through the streets with people driving large Cars and SUVs while at the same time carrying your dog. It must have been a real struggle and I can't wait to learn more of your illustrious story.
    hello James Burns, I am YTP. I am a sniper for the army with over 10,000 confirmed kills. in my spare time i enjoy masturbating (don't tell my mom xD), playing Xbox, and finally playing pokemon. pokemon is my favorite game as i get to overwork small animals into the point that they faint. my favorite part is when they die from poisoning xD. i also play against my friends in this crazy game we call pokemon. I always destroy them with my Butterfree and Lanturn so it's nice to see somebody else sticking to their favorites :). outside of gaming and the army and of course masturbation (again dont tell my mom xD) i enjoy petting my leopard gecko, knitting, and trying out acne creams. what are some of your other hobbies my good sir?
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