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Oct 8, 2015 at 12:08 PM
May 25, 2012
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Steel yourself, from NSW, Australia

is a Battle Server Admin Alumnus

Don't get too excited, I retired to pursue a degree. Sep 3, 2015

Jasmine was last seen:
Oct 8, 2015 at 12:08 PM
    1. aiscrim
      And I was going to talk to you about registering a server...:(
      1. Jasmine
        Then you would have been ignored by default. Or registration requests should go to the admin requests board. If you can't find it, then you won't get a registered server.
        Sep 29, 2015
      2. Irraquated
        Roasted ^^^
        Oct 5, 2015 at 12:44 PM
    2. GamingNoah
      Safe travels, best wishes. I hope you do just wonderful in the Future; you've been a fantastic, and inspiring kind of Admin. I wish you the best of luck, and may you please visit Showdown whenever you can, it's not the same without you here. Again, hope you do extremely well, as you do here: at Pokemon Showdown, where your Smogon Friends' and Real Friends' wait, upon your return. ^_^
      Sincerely, GamingNoah
    3. Paynes
    4. Jasmine
      Don't get too excited, I retired to pursue a degree.
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      2. BiGGiE
        Best of luck to you!
        Sep 4, 2015
      3. Ransei
        You will visit right? :D
        Sep 10, 2015
      4. Jasmine
        I still have a driver account and will likely sneak in to rooms I like. I do love the community at large, can't really take that away.
        Sep 10, 2015
    5. Rhythms

      you were an amazing admin, even though i never rly interacted with u

      stay gold, ponyboy
    6. Rosie_The_Venusaur
      ;-; you were the coolest admin okay
    7. CanadianWifier
    8. fleggumfl
    9. Jasmine
      gg no re
    10. Fish1899
      I just went on showdown and it says I was banned, what do I do?
    11. skylight
      When did you become an smod??
      1. Jasmine
        A while ago, I don't remember exactly. It was around the time of the Haunter stuff I think.
        Aug 26, 2015
      2. Rhythms
        Jul 19/20, 2015
        Aug 26, 2015
    12. iGamerAwesome
      Hello your appeal thing is helpful
    13. Jasmine
      Please don't PM me or post on my wall regarding PS UNLESS you're reporting a PS Upper Staff member. Please use the below linked thread.
      1. Jasmine
    14. Moonclawz
    15. rubsomebacononit
    16. galbia
    17. Leftiez
    18. Rhythms
      lmao nice badgeset, mod and smod
      1. Rhythms
        Congratulations anyways!
        Jul 20, 2015
    19. Jim Carter
      Jim Carter
      hey something happened to the pokemon showdown servers we can only connect to , eos.psim.us , pandora , gold server plz do something i cant even connect to my own server ....
      i think beacuse of some service on eos server it is happening..
      thank you!!!
    20. size-or
    21. Stratos
      this isnt a name change or server registration :)

      if its not too much of a hassle, could you change the name of the Smogon Doubles room to Doubles OU?
      1. Jasmine
        Perhaps I should reiterate. I don't handle any Pokemon Showdown requests on my wall. If you want anything related to Pokemon Showdown that requires an admin your best bet is to PM myself and/or Haunter.
        Apr 11, 2015
    22. Jasmine
      Stop writing on my profile for name changes or server registration. Refer to the threads in the Pokemon Showdown section of the forum.
      1. Jasmine
        There's a please in there somewhere but I ran out of characters. I don't answer these kinds of requests on my wall.
        Mar 30, 2015
    23. steven amethyst
      steven amethyst
      Server Name: Hyper Blaze
      Server Address:
      Owner's PS Name: Steven Amethyst
      Owner's Smogon Name: Steven amethyst
      Owner's contact Email: jjhero4@gmail.com or jjhayden12@yahoo.com
    24. steven amethyst
      steven amethyst
      Can you register my server
    25. BattleDragon
      General comment to Jasmine: People cant join any servers other than frost, pandora, gold, and joimslab. This is becuase of their client types. The other servers follow the basic given client, and I'd like to say that due to the fact they are all not working maybe it has to do with that? Thats one possibility.
      1. BattleDragon
        Though, the pages fail to load anything many times, so who knows what the problem is.
        Have a good week!
        Mar 8, 2015
      2. Jasmine
        Thank you for reporting this, we are working to resolve the problem.
        Mar 8, 2015
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