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Dec 20, 2014 at 6:28 PM
Jul 20, 2011
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    1. Living So Zambian
      Living So Zambian
      i am not a poet, i am just a designer of words, architect of sentences the way i form and merge, paragraphs together that force mcs to submerge
    2. TPO3
      Cool, you can find me on IRC as well in #genvuu or #gslam
    3. TPO3
      We're opps for the NU Open. I'm GMT -6 and can play tues + thurs afternoons as well as pretty much all weekend. Do you have any specific times that work for you?
    4. Oglemi
      Have you and Dice made contact yet?
    5. PasY_G
    6. sebixxl
      Hey there, as pasy got a bit lazy, i´ll try to scedule the time for our ghosting tour match. when do you usually have time this days? for us, it´s a bit easier, since we can call each other to come online.
      our timezone is gmt +2, and i guess after 5pm should work fine for us.
    7. Malekith
      Hey, we're paired for Uber Slam, I'm gmt+2, u?
    8. Froggy
      Hey we are opponents for NU open, I am gmt -5 do you want to try battling this weekend?
    9. PasY_G
      hey, out teams are paired for the ghosting tournament, when do you think you guys can play? our team is ready pretty much at a lot of times, when you see someone online, we can just call each other to come online.
    10. Coren37
      If you want, we can play, but only if you want
      1. Coren37
        I'll be back around 30 minutes to try to play
        Sep 1, 2013
    11. toshimelonhead
      How about noon my time / 1 PM your time?
    12. toshimelonhead
      I'm on orivexes server too if that works!
    13. Coren37
      Can you play now? I'll be on orivexes server
    14. Coren37
      I'll try to be friday and saturday around 11/12 PM my time to play our matches
    15. Sapientia
      tomorrow around 10 or 11 PM is possible for you?
    16. Coren37
      can you play now? ps or po and nick if you can
    17. Coren37
      Sorry I could not be at the appointed time, I had a sudden
    18. Sapientia
      If you win your match in uu open, can you play on tuesday or wednesday next week? I won't be here untill Sunday. I'm gmt+1
    19. Coren37
      I'm your opp in the ru open, im gmt +2, when can you play?
    20. Sweep
      Would tomorrow at 3:00 EST work for you?
    21. dragonuser
    22. cxinlee
      Hi I'm your UU Open R2 opponent if you beat TheKFC. I am +8 GMT and I am usually on at night. Hope to hear you soon!
    23. Sweep
      Hello there. We play for the RU Open, a tier I don't play and will probably get creamed at. I am GMT -5 and am on Showdown a lot (though will be on a lot less from now until December due to Uni work). Let me know when you want to play.
    24. TheKFC
      Im in showdown now, if you get online, send me a VM on showdown
    25. TheKFC
      Hey, i forgot the tournament sorry :S
      Can we try to play today or tomorrow at the same time?
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