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Aug 27, 2009
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London, UK
    1. sirndpt
      lol can't believe it didnt occur to me to check your join date! /facepalm
    2. sirndpt
      i just made the connection lol does your smogon username have anything to do with your hermes address or whatever it is it's called?
    3. Jukain
      I've been trying to get this GP'd so it can get on-site, could you GP it please? Lilligant [GP 1/2]
    4. Harsha
      gonna take all your stuff into account -- i mentioned rapid spin for all of the sets because it is vulnerable to toxic spikes, but yeah i can just mention "use a pokemon that can get rid of toxic spikes" and call it a day
    5. Jukain
      alright, I'll get started now, thanks for your advice
    6. Jukain
      here's the better question then before I do it: what should I title it if I'm not using Speed Creep?
    7. Jukain
      Hi jc, I talked to Jimera0 about taking over the Speed Creep article and he told me to ask you if I had any questions.

      Do I anything more than defining Speed Creep, why it's not in analyses, how to apply Speed Creep, and what can use it best?
    8. sirndpt
      haha yeah it's fine, i know i don't have to decide anytime soon and i would rather keep my options open till i get there and get some firsthand information anyways

      nah, mathematical biology - what's so bad about EMB though!!
    9. sirndpt
      wow, maths b? i'm sticking with the easy math option :p

      ik i don't have to make any final decisions now, but was asking because i'm torn between physiology of organisms and evolution and behavior, on the off chance you did either - i don't think you know much about those though?

      haha, i'm also pretty worried about chemistry! my chem is in a horrible state .-. i got away with it in hs because of the way the ib paper is structured, but i'm so bad at organic chemistry it's hilarious. nonetheless i'm probably taking it if only simply because it sounds like suicide to be a pure bio student, plus i do wanna keep my options open with regards to biochemistry/ pharmacology IB. which IB options are you taking?
    10. sirndpt
      they actually summer pooled me, until one applicant withdrew

      but i already put away some space in my suitcase for this huge banner with your name and a pikachu on it.....

      lol, seriously though I'm hardly even a pokes player :p but alright!

      which subjects are you taking btw, any bio ones/ chemistry?
    11. sirndpt
      hiya, somewhat random but just wanted to let you know that my appeal was successful! I got in - Newnham :)

      it's a bit early but we should meet up sometime maybe!
    12. Harsha
      jc104, I would say that we always keep it -SpD natures with Pokemon such as Genesect because there are very few special hits it will be taking, while Mach Punch and Aqua Jet are both attacks that threaten to hit Genesect first
    13. mfhoundoom
      Hi I'm gmt-5. Want to battle now?
    14. alexwolf
      Just noticed something funny... By claiming to be the ''humblest person ever'', you lose your tittle at the very same moment, lol :D
    15. Adamant Zoroark
      Adamant Zoroark
      Hey, could you do a GP check on my UU Scrafty analysis?
    16. Darkaxis
    17. Darkaxis
      hey when is that FAQ coming? Not to pressure you or anything.. I just want to know so I can give a deadline..
    18. Darkaxis
      It's kind of big
    19. Darkaxis
      Would you mind GP'ing a FAQ for me?
    20. The QWAZ
      The QWAZ
      Hi, i have recently uploded an RMT and i would really apreciate it if you could rate it. It called FALCON PAWNCHH.
    21. Darkaxis
      Uhuhuh. Thanks!
    22. Darkaxis
      uhuh.. A more specific question: specially defensive stats, as well as a rather... Should it change to Special Defense stats, as well ?
    23. Darkaxis
      If a GP is so well done it doesn't have any mistakes, but it needs one more check , what do I do?
    24. Darkaxis
      Much thanks. I'll hit you up with any questions I have..
    25. Darkaxis
      Hi. Just pointing out that I just started GP'ing stuff, so don't get upset or mad whenever I do something.
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