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Sep 4, 2015 at 10:13 AM
Sep 28, 2011
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Sep 4, 2015 at 10:13 AM
    1. Triangles
      I think I'm regged now - I feel like an absolute idiot for insisting that it wasn't possible. I'm so useless with computers...
    2. sandshrewz
      Oh yea. What are your thoughts on RMTs in RoA? Should they be allowed or be in the rmt forum? :O
    3. sandshrewz
      Couldn't finish the thread haha. I'll continue tmr ^_^
    4. NixHex
      I'm a horrendous battler in old gens but I am learning in-game shit quite quickly. Coming onto IRC now bro.
    5. sandshrewz
      Hipmonlee to the rescue haha. Okay I agree to everything :) /me dibs Venusaur Lanturn

      Btw I was thinking: should RoA have a general metagame discussion thread? Maybe like add the creative movesets thread with it if not there.will be too many general threads haha :P there isn't a single thread on gsc and adv yet. What do you think? Also maybe ignore thread necromancy for those threads due to RoA's slow nature. With BW2 RoA will face some.difficulty picking up activity :/ wanna go for mini tourney? We can't have ladder challenges yet haha. And there's no RoA community unlike ru and nu etc. The priorities first? :)
    6. sandshrewz
      And people bumping the old threads.... ~_~
    7. sandshrewz
      Yea true. The threatlist can start first! :) plus that's easier haha :P past gen articles aren't rushed anyway! :)
    8. sandshrewz
      Haha using smogon at work! Well I've never really tried full stall :/ and stall is a major article! Haha. I still have 3 articles on hand that i should work on x.x but no good stall player offered to write a stall guide... well we can do that i suppose but it's quite low priority now. There's the UU threatlist but there's no OU one!

      anyway let's see what roa can offer first :) can't do too many things at once haha. But keep the options open
    9. sandshrewz
      Grotto is more like for non-ladder matches :/ Oh well ps shouldn't take too long anyway.

      Haha don't turn every thread into an article xD I'll rather see more discussion than an article! An article can be done maybe after it dies down or we can use a ccat team as sample team :P I've thought of doing a dpp ou threatlist for a long time but I have to focus on what I have on hand first. :x
    10. sandshrewz
      Haha that forum. I chanced upon it before. How did you find it? Ehhh you can dump so many pages worth or threads there? o.o

      Try roping in Oglemi for DPP UU :P also oh... will the ceasing of PO cause problems to RoA because there's no where to ladder for past gens? :/
    11. sandshrewz
      Where's the dumping grounds :O refreshing RoA is the same as having a new forum! Quite exciting :D haven't had a good dpp discussion in ages! Did you play dpp? :) it's a very versatile generation!
    12. sandshrewz
      Yesyesyes! :D /me anticipating. Reviving RoA will be awesome and past gens the best <3 ahaha of course it'll pass through :P

      Where will you be moving them to though? ?_? you go move your stuff while I hopefully can find more time to post more :) I'll always like dpp over bw and RoA is a pretty good reason to learn past gens :P
    13. sandshrewz
      Too lazy to edit again haha x.x can we have a stall team ccat after a while of discussion with your thread? :D dpp so fun and RoA just made me feel like playing it again xD
    14. sandshrewz
      I meant the channel link >.> the menu button has the link to channel button :x haha. Silly Jelli :P

      edit: nvm I got in! :D Hipmonlee was there. I always thought I was in the wrong chan when no one was there .-. and btw, when will the threads start getting moved? Time for RoA to have new and competitive stuff lol!
    15. sandshrewz
      Mibbit link please? :)
    16. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Hey, could you GP check Eelektross? It doesn't have an NU analysis on-site yet.
    17. sandshrewz
      Jelliiiiii. Is it just me or I can't get on the RoA IRC? .-.

      Edit: I'm so itching to post a thread on leads in DPP OU and some other stuff xD I miss Gen 4 :d
    18. sandshrewz
      Ahaha exit hazards! I laughed. You have good humor
    19. Biosci
      Thanks :D
    20. TheMantyke
      We'll grow old together and become the next Bloo-on-Haunter Smogon shipping sensation.
    21. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence

      in orange island irc thread

      you should add the userlist

      SOPs VOPs OPs et cyera
    22. Redew
      working on it :D
    23. Redew
      Sorry I was gone for a bit.
    24. Redew
    25. macle
      go suck a dick you (BAN ME PLEASE)
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