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Feb 19, 2014
Jan 9, 2010
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from 'Pinas

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Feb 19, 2014
    1. sophies
      :P i still havent gotten the pokes yet from you, but i understand your on break so no worries
    2. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      It's fine give me 20 seconds to trade it to my platinum
    3. Azure Demon
      Azure Demon
      Sure bro but you'll need to get venusaur from my SS and you'll have to clone it for me
    4. KuyaJBoy
      Sure, I can tutor you a bit. I'm trying to do some BPs while I tutor you, so I may take awhile to respond. You can contact Skippy the Great to try and trade for the Munchlax because I don't think he cares about redistributables.
    5. sophies
      hello, this post is regarding youpods rilou giveaway if you have not recieved it yet,
      please vm me for your copy when you see me online. *note ill be on this weekend
      so try to get a hold of me during the week.
      The other two distributors are: (if you cannot get a hold of me)
      2. Rawrior
      3. monsoonbeast
    6. Luminary
      I'd be happy to give you Smeargle.
      Just VM me when we're both available.
    7. KuyaJBoy
      Hatched seven of what? If its seven Horseas with your desired nature, then congrats!
    8. KuyaJBoy
      Sorry, I haven't respond till now. I was about to sleep when you VM me yesterday. Want to go on YM now?
    9. Riski
      Hi, Jerry, sorry for the wait. I was updating my Noob guides.

      IRNG is for eggs, I believe. Getting them shiny. RNG is for IVs and catching pokes with certain IVs. And that's about all I know.
    10. _Nape95
      vm me if im onn
    11. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      My wifi access will be sketchy for the next week or so since I'm moving, but if you happen to catch me in the next 3 hrs from these 2 messages, I can trade
    12. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Ok, how bout these for the TR Cranidos? I'll clone them when we get to trade
      GGled's Darkrai
      Nature: Timid | Ability: Bad Dreams | Gender: No Gender
      IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / x / 31 / 31
      Availability: UT (Fully redis)

      DokiDoki's Latios
      Nature: Timid | Ability: Levitate | Gender: Male
      IVs: 30 / x / 30 / 31 / 31 / 31
      Availability: Ev Trained (Fully redis)
      [4 HP] [252 SpAtk] [252 Spe]
    13. Gt91
      can you trade today?
    14. Blue_Master
      care to trade the linkino's groudon and kyogre?
    15. Saints Fan
      Saints Fan
      Yeah, I saw and was wondering if you wanted the TR one even though I haven't put it up yet. And sophies had one too. I guess you've been lurking the discuss my pokemon thread :)

      Would you be ok with trading 2 full redis pokes for it? I generally don't like to trade my breeds 1 for 1 for stuff that floats around everywhere. I can clone as well
    16. sophies
      oh i dont have that one :P sorry! need any clonning or transfering done while i am free?
    17. sophies
      Is this the poke you wanted? i have it now :)

      StormFtw's Rampardos / with chioce band
      Nature: jolly Ability: mold breaker
      IVs: 29/31/31/20/31/31
      EVs: 6 Hp/252 Atk/252 Spe
      Moves: EQ, stone edge, crunch, head smash
      Aviable: Lvl 100, evd non redi for you.
    18. Konata
    19. Gt91
      can you trade now?
    20. sophies
      hi jerry ill be getting a rampados from a trade. But i dont have one in stock as on now :P ( i dont see one in our trade thread actualy)

      Ps ill be aviable for clonning or transfers if you need them
    21. Riski
      Ok, no problem. If you get confused, I didn't write it clearly enough for us noobs.
    22. Riski
      Ok, thanks for the snorlax.
    23. Riski
      So I checked. I used this code
      HGSS Friend Code2923 1612 1308And it's entered correctly.

      You did stay on the wifi while I logged in and out, right?
    24. Riski
      I've logged in and out twice and don't see you. Go out and check the FC you added and I'll do the same. Make sure you used my Pearl FC.
    25. Riski
      Ok, I'll log out and log back in.
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