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Dec 18, 2014 at 1:54 AM
Dec 13, 2005
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Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 22)
Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an


Balance is a fool's master, 22, from Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an

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2079-7222-8589 Nov 1, 2014

Jibaku was last seen:
Dec 18, 2014 at 1:54 AM
    1. Dom4400
      Hey man I think you can hatch an egg for me?
    2. Furai
      jibaku can i kill the ivs thread from ubers subforum to competitive discussion it's really pissing me off :'(
    3. firecape
      Jibaku ._.
    4. crazy_man
      Hey I'm interested in your FC as you have a Gyarados.

      3969 4633 0700 (Roy in-game)

      (Ghost) Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Golurk
    5. Toby Wheeler
      Toby Wheeler
      I have a Froakie to hatch and you have the right shiny value could you get back to me on this ? my fc is 1547-5778-8218
    6. little gk
      little gk
      can u fs 4me
    7. JBoyd
      I have a gible that im lookin to hatch shiny, was wondering if you can hatch it for me my fc is 5343-8947-2775
    8. Albêrt_Ortega
      please can u help me to open an egg? i can offer you any hidreigon or goomy with 5 ivs :D add me on skype: ortegalbert or in League of Legends: Albêrt my 3DS fc is: 2165-6296-3304 ty so much dude
    9. Lemon_layers
      Hey i got a pokemon egg with your sv of 1269 you think you can hatch it if so that would be so great and i would really appreciate it my fc is 3196-3545-8977 in game name is melo to contact me my twitch name is lemon_layers, and my skype name is johnnymelo900@yahoo.com please reply as soon as you can :)
    10. Luigi Bros.
      Luigi Bros.
      Can I be added?
      Friend Code:1118-1251-2102 Thanks!
    11. Sorawing
      Hi, could you add me? 1332-8400-9822. Dragon, Thanks!
    12. Tortoise
      Hello, mind adding me back? 5172-0349-9697. Thanks!
    13. ByMyselfInThisOrdeal
      Hello! I just made an account here from Reddit because you have the TSV of 1269 correct? I'd love it if you would add me, and hatch my egg sometime. :)

      IGN: B. 4356-0687-4624
    14. adon
      Added your FC from the spreadsheet. It'd be great if you could add me too (0576-4674-3559). Thank you very much!
    15. TRC
      Excuse me. For your metronome battles, the pastebin link shows codes. How do I actually see a video?
    16. Kafer
      Mind adding me?


      Thanks in advance.
    17. Kdiamo14
      Hey mate, can you add me, my friend code is 388362453407
    18. Mehrunn
      Hello, I have added you to my FC.
      1650 2370 5532
    19. ChaosABliss
      Added u for my pokemon X game.

      My FC: 3652-1583-8114
    20. TaBuu
      Hey! I'm in need or Frogadier and Gyarados so I added you! Please add me back :
    21. Jibaku
      If I don't get to your friend codes for your friend safari, I'm probably either busy, tired, or lazy. I'll get to you sometime (max 3 days)
    22. LeftiesWillRule
      Well it looks like you've already gotten a bunch of requests to share friend codes (the curse that comes from having a great safari, I suppose), but would you be willing to exchange friend codes with me?

      Maybe we could work in a trade to make it worth your while, or at least a battle.
    23. Kyuzeth
      Hi. I kinda need Gyarados from the Friend Safari, since I'm planning to breed Gyarados in order to get a really good Mega Gyarados in the end. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd add my FC, which is 2191-7637-9591.
      My Friend Safari is Grass-type and contains Petilil, Oddish and Maractus. Not the best aside from Petilil, I'll admit.
      Thanks for reading!
      - DH517
    24. babel00
      Hi! I'm looking for Gyarados Safari, would you please add me? My code is 3823-8603-1187.
      I've got Bug type Safari with Ladyba, Masquerain and Heracross. I apreciate it! ^^
    25. Mario With Lasers
      Mario With Lasers
      Hey Jibaku, do you have a Japanese XY? If so, I have something minor to ask you to do for me.
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    Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 22)
    Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an
    Favorite Pokémon:
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    DP Friend Code:
    1890 8827 5251
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